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Seoni quest screw up

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Posted by Hastur on 08/31

this is probibly one of the worst things ive ever seen.

you're only allowed one shot at the seoni quest and if you screw up, theres no chance to do it again. Personally i dislike this alltogether for several reasons. One being if someone is trying to figure it out on thier own, chances are they are not going to get it 100% perfect on the first shot, leaving them with nothing. Secondly, helping people through the quest, if they forget an item or forget to do something, then they have no chance to start over.

An easy way (maybe) would to have the mobs at the beginning of the quest check for the flag on the player. If they have the flag, they cannot do the quest again, so the DT doesnt kill anyone trying to correct thier mistake that they made.

My two bits, feel free to flame away and never do anything about it

Hastur McDougan [Merchant of Legend]

From: Fatale Wednesday, August 27, 12:40PM

Uh, I don't know if it was changed since I was a newbie, but I was able to do it over when I messed up my first try.

From: Croaker Wednesday, August 27, 09:15PM

Umm, I think you're wrong here.

If you have a specific problem that you think needs addressing, feel free to contact me and I will look into it.

Most likely you simply don't know the full details of the quest (at least, this has been the case in every problem I've had referred to me so far since the changes I put in).


From: Nihil Friday, August 29, 02:29PM

A case where it could severely mess up:

1) Someone walks into DT with no light

2) Newbie levels after getting ankus, mud crashes, making ankus poof, leve saved the newbie, so he has no ankus and is sol for the quest

3) Someone doing quest might not know about the bed part and get stuck (which of course screws the newbie over)

From: Hastur Friday, August 29, 05:39PM

newbie forgets skull going to cobra, cannot return

From: Lagmonster Sunday, August 31, 01:10AM

newbie with sustain breath? newbie venturing all the way out there without any help/knowledge, while not trying other quests?

naw. but the poofing ankus on a crash did rob one of my chars from doing the quest. but i do think the quest should (and this would include many others) have numerous ways out that allow for mistakes... the bed thing, i don't think is predictable..


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