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Balancing the mud

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Posted by Aeolus on 08/31

Hey guys.. heres something which I had thought about while trying to sleep after getting killed by a warcry.... I think that the best way to even out the effectiveness of the fighting stats, dex, str, con is to put some sort of check on each skill dependent on the stat.

Take headbutt for example... a con fighter has a chance to kill a dex fighter, but a dex fighter can still tumble out of the way. Same with bash. This is a good example of putting each of the fighting skills in "check."

In short, one should be able to have some sort of defense against the other's skill OTHER than pumping up the stat necessary for that attacking skill.

Ie. One shouldn't have to have "High con" in order to be able to defend him/herself from a headbutt.

An even better example is Warcry. At the moment, I know of nothing which counters warcry short of pumping your con up so that they don't para you. It is cool, yes, but it makes warcry way too powerful (in the new system).

So you see.. different type of fighters should have distinct attack capabilities and also distinct capabilities to defend themselves from other char types.

That would ultimately make the three stats somewhat balanced... I think.. =)

I'll write a list of possible skills and checks on a append to this :)

-- Aeolus :)

From: Chaykin Thursday, August 28, 04:52AM

I think Aeolus has something here. :) It sounds logical and if it could be made to work it would sure help to balance the skills anyway. Which only leaves the issue of balancing the attacks themselves.


From: Croaker Thursday, August 28, 08:48PM

There actually is a balancing factor for warcry similar to what you describe with tumble. Wow, we're good :)


From: Lethargio Saturday, August 30, 05:21AM

of course, perc is never included in the 'three stats'...

-whistle self-

From: Sandra Saturday, August 30, 09:02AM

Probably because perc isn't a 'fight stat'.

From: Rufus Saturday, August 30, 10:08AM

Well, it is and it isn't. We have two definite 'mental' stats, mind and spirit, and three definite physical ones, str dex and con, and perc falls somewhere in between the two.

With the addition of bows and the available level of skill, along with the chance of certain physical combat attributes based on perception, it is indeed at least partially a fighting stat.

I think the goal was to make it at least an option in and of itself as a fighting stat, or something that could be used alternatively to the primary three. Of course, this adds another layer of difficulty balancing 'fighting' stats.


From: Pariah Saturday, August 30, 01:20PM

whatever happened to having martial arts based on spirit? Or was I just dreaming about that?


From: Orca Sunday, August 31, 03:54AM

-shake- had to take the easy way out..


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