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new fight system?

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Posted by Blair on 08/31

hello everybody ...

i am not sure what others think about the new fight system, but i think it isnt that good ...

my career: i used to have 100con since level 7 and 100con/mind since level 14 or 15 and now i realized that having all the nice levelling gear didnt help to have good stats now ... another char who never had 100 con has the same hp as this char as soon as i give him 100 con ... i think thats not fair ...

then i am a con-mage ... and i heard con would be more powerful after the new system is in ... but thats not true before the new system was in ... i was able to kill two lv50-mobs in a row ... and now ? ... now i cant even solo big jim ... ok its not only the new fight system, another reason the the changing on the immolation spell, did anybody think it was too powerful (-100mana for -100damage) if you have 100con/mind ... you need such a spell ... coz it means that you usually have low dex ... and nearly no chance to flee or to hit very often

i didnt check a dex combination in the new system, so i cant say anything about it but:

if you are a con/mind character in the new system --> good bye, coz you havent much chances ...

please anybody give statements, comments, explanations to this message ... what do other con-characters think ?


-wave- fare well people ... i hope to get a lot of answers



From: Stradivari Sunday, August 31, 09:49AM

Well, I'm a 100 con/mind 3rd circle create mage. I'm not too happy about my hp/ma, but the system makes up for it. I can actually kill more (and bigger) lvl 50 mobs. Of course, there are mobs that I could kill before the system came in that I can't kill now. The thing is, you gotta experiment with strategies and mobs. I'm not gonna complain about not being about to kill Jim when I can NOW kill something better for more xp or good eq.

So, I'm 100 con/mind and not only have a chance of doing quite well, but I AM doing well. Anyway, that's just me ... a silly, old violin maker that nobody that's too seriously.


From: Penn Sunday, August 31, 10:38AM

Just a short note.

I'm noticing some wierd stuff with the new system, such as mobs blocking attacks as they flee from rooms, I get the message :
(Mob) panics, and attempts to flee.
(Mob) leaves east
(Mob) blocks an attack from your baton

This, to me, makes no sense.

Also, Mobs can hit me, after I have left the room. I am getting this:
"You Panic, and attempt to flee

Then a new room description, as if I have gone to the next room, then there is one violence tick, and I get kicked, and lose 30hps. Which, I believe, is just wrong.

If anyone else is having probs like this, please let the imms know. If it's just me, then I can deal with it. if not, there is a problem which could end up killing someone, and then the fun would begin..:P

Anyways, have fun.


From: Beam Sunday, August 31, 12:22PM

Also id like to say, at one point a someone announced on chat that hp don't mean what they used to and they aren't as important as before. In my opinion they are more important than before to con fighters.

From: Ea! Sunday, August 31, 12:37PM


I'm sorry we haven't done the best job posting to the boards to let people know what we still consider buggy in the new fight system.

I thought I'd post here to try to let people know of some of the major bugs that we currently know about and are working on.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, it's just the few largest things:

1. Hitroll/Damroll. They're way out of balance. Basically, large mobs are slaughtering people because the mobs have high hit/dam roll. We've got a new system, we're just going to put it through a little bit of testing before we install it (if it works as we hope).

2. Snipe. In order to fix some bugs, we've introduced a few others. We're working on redesigning the code aspect of it so that we can remove bugs without causing other ones to appear.

3. Hp. We meant to remove the use of leveling gear so that a con fighter has hps as his/her/its advantage instead of everyone getting them. We've over dome it a bit, the dependance on con is too low. (This effects move and mana, as all three use some of the same formulas).

There are tons of other bugs that we're working on too. Each reboot we try to install a few bug fixes here and there.


From: TerrorSpawn Sunday, August 31, 12:56PM

I like the new system, no matter what anybody else says.

So what if you can put on gear to get 100 con and have the same hp, that's what it should be like. Sure you'll have more hp, but you'll get hit more, where a dex fighter with lower con normally has lower chant kere lak pur ex class and gets hit less.

And don't expect your character to be perfect when we switched over either, I've changed probably every piece of eq except for 3 since the change went in. I've played both con and dex fighters in the new system and feel that they're a lot more balanced than before. I don't have a str fighter but have been grouped with many of them and they do just as well as any of my characters. You just have to get out of the frame of mind that hp are everything.

An old, addicted mudder,


From: Beam Sunday, August 31, 02:04PM

Sorry terrorspawn, but as you mentioned with ac having more importance only dex fighters will be less dependant on hp, as they have higher ac, bu but even this will be negated partially by having the ac floor higher than it should be. Ie with 100 dex and good eq you can easily have better than -100 armor, armor type spells do less for dex, as they lose the benefit, and a con or str fighter can use all the armor out of each spell. Secondly str fighters have higher damroll to make up for their lower ac and hitroll, Con fighters on the other hand are expected to wait out a fight with their greater hp and outlast the others. So for con fighters hitpoints IS very important.

I think what they were saying is that con fighters dont have enough hp mor more than everyone else to be fair.

Right now i have 410 hp with 57 con, and I don't think there would be any benefit to going to con where i would have 530hp with 50 or so dex, even though I made this char to be con originally.

Now if i had 350 or so hp and would bump to near 600 if i switched then their might be enough benefit.

From: Lagmonster Sunday, August 31, 10:43PM

I may be the only character who has not been almost at all affected by the change.. i got 2 hps, more mv, and seem to hit just as often, while being able to kill what i could, and still losing to those i couldn't kill. As a str/dex char with enough con, i think the system wo works fine for fighters. It isn't too hard to come up with a 100/100/50, and if you are more skilled, maybe a 100/100/82...

Not sure where i'm going with this, but it seems to me that things seem fine to me... at least for those of us who didn't just con-up for levelling and then roaming around with 500+hps and 30 con.



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