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Death and Perma-Death

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Posted by Teresa on 11/07

Many people believe that the xp penalty for dying is too extreme. Perhaps the penalty could be reduced to a quarter of your current xp. At the same time, double the floor for perma-death, so that the same number of deaths are required to die permanently.

I realize that a new xp scale will go in eventually, but I don't see that it would be impossible to adjust those two percentages until that happens.

From: Gargamel Friday, November 07, 06:56PM

Just a little comment:

If the floor for permaing is doubled, it would reduce the number of deaths required to perma with only one because you loose half of your xp each time.

then reducing the xp loss from 1/2 to 1/4 of current xp would add more than one to the number of deaths required to perma, so, in order to even o out the changes, the floor should be more than doubled...

Hmm, apart from that i agree that a change in that direction would be a change to the better :)


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