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Posted by Legion on 10/29

When night falls and you become blinded I think it would be a good add on if you could drop the items in your hands so you could at least hold your light source. As currently if your hands are full and night falls even if you have a light source you cant use it because you cant drop the items in your hands. Its an annoying catch22.

I mean regardless of the conditions, even if you cant see you should be able to drop whats in your hands. I think this would help alot...if not me in particular:)


From: Paddy Saturday, October 25, 02:34AM

It's really not a problem Legion.

Do it like this:

1. Remove all
2. hold light
3. wear all


From: Egami Sunday, October 26, 03:35AM

I think Paddy's right, there should be a command to drop or remove any item from your hands, or at least being able to drop it. One cool thing would be something like:

remove to remove the item at that place (or drop it, since if you don't see anything in the dark, you can't know where you put it in your inv).

Just an idea...

Egami Shalizar, the Kagemusha, Shotokai WarMaster.

From: Legion Tuesday, October 28, 06:42PM

Remove all---hold light---wear all works but its just the idea that I have to strip completely naked in order to just pick up a lamp that irks me. Thanks for the advice though.


From: Lagmonster Wednesday, October 29, 05:47PM

not sure how many of you this may concern, but rem all has a detrimental effect on my hps. maybe not for newbies, but... gah. wonder what i was trying to say..

Lagmonster, now senile, and rarely seen


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