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Posted by Trinity on 11/02

This is said ooc:

To enhance RPkilling and RP in general I think it would be a good idea to add a new or even 2 new channels. The current channels work ok, buy they do not aim directly for RP.

Info and Auction are cool, buy Chat is a mix or normal chat, RL things, newbie help and some who try to RP.

I think we should keep these channels, but make a separate channel for RPing. Then people who wanna Chat can just have it turnt off. I often hear that people who try to RP is told to shut up on Chat.

My suggestion is to make a RolePlay channel and a RPkill channel. All can use RolePlay channel but only pkillers should use RPkill. Mayby the RPkill should be under less strict rules about language??

Non-pkillers who wanna RP could just have the RPkill channel off if they didnt like the language ... after all they are not a part of RPkilling (Cant help/assist/heal and so on). On the other side some pkiller would not be interested in non-pkill RP so they could just have the RolePlay channel off.

I think this could be a very good 'tool' to improving ones RP and improving the general RP on this mud. No ooc conversations would be mixed with it.

What do you think??

Trinity Capaci ... Who RuleZ???

PS: It would be cool if this could be implememtated when pkill goes in again!

From: ParticleMan Monday, October 27, 02:46PM

The channels we have right now are plenty. I get confused trying to figure out what channel I need to use just to say 'Hi' to people. If we add more channels, all it will turn out to be is more channels for people to complain about spam. There is no easy way to make everyone happy. We all have to make adjustments, and work around others.

As far as an RP only channel, my thoughts are that it would be very rarely used. At any given time there are few RP's going on. Granted there are those who RP constantly, Tancred and Frodo come to mind. What are they supposed to use when saying hello to players? The RP channel or chat? If we make a seperate RP channel the first thing the majority of the players are going to do is turn it off. Unfortunately when they do that they loose out on the oppertunity to RP. I've run a couple of tiny plots over chat and had players I would never have thought would join in RP join in. We make a seperate channel and they never will join in. My personal thoughts if you are bothered by RP over chat, is either turn it off or tune it out.

Now to the RPKill channel idea, all the above hold and Clans do have thier own clan channel. It is very rarely used, but its there if they care to use it. And to the language, we have no control over the age of players logging onto Legend, and no controls over the age of players who clan or become PKill enabled, so the launguage restrictions we have in place right now, would hold true for any channel presently in place or any conference we make or nay new channel created.

As to the proper use of the chat channel. Chat was created so players could RP with others on the mud. The conferences are in place so if there is an ooc discussion players would like to have they can ask an immort to create the conference and have thier ooc conversation there. I realize that many player and immorts (myself included) use chat improperly for little personal discussions (i.e. I like to talk about how smelly my cats are). So maybe we should start cracking down on people (immorts included) for using chat ooc.


From: Nym Sunday, November 02, 06:38PM

Of course....anything you say on chat is sorta OOC anyway, since that mode of communication is unavailable to most of us RL...And RL still is the frame upon which the mud is based, right?

Nym, who doesn't really like the c


Wasn't quite finished...Myself, I prefer to keep RP off the public channels. (level/death infos being the only exceptions in my case)



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