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Posted by FairfaxII on 11/17

Just a query about the create heal spell.. is it possible to make those glowing roots usable (like poultices) rather than edible? Quite often a person is too full to eat them, and the roots almost invariably decompose before the patient is able to eat again. As compared to the cause mages who can heal and greater heal a person without any worries about having just eaten, create heal seems to have the short end of the straw. Unless the mana/hp ratio is lower (which to be fair I haven't checked), I don't see why the roots can't be made usable.

Of course, I'm only saying this because I normally spam create about five of them, then just sit there and watch all five decompose with me still on DYING. If it's impossible to make it usable, perhaps the decomposition rate could be a little more forgiving?

Just my thoughts,

Fairfax the Second

From: Emilio Saturday, November 01, 03:35PM

create mages get the shaft no matter what

From: Jen-Creature Monday, November 17, 05:21PM

I agree with fairfax


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