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Posted by Arsene on 11/16

Perhaps an item or scroll or potion could be imped that detracted from a person's con, with con being so important a stat, and the best to fight with as a weapon(because it cant be taken down) wouldnt it be a fair idea to dex and str fighters who can lose 10 to their stats for a way to lower con fighters con exist, and a way to lower the efeectiveness of warcry, headbutt and resistance to choke, all weaknesses to non 100 con fighters(few out there), prolly because con is unassailible except by bash or stun, and one of those most con fighters can easily adjust for.

From: Mice Friday, November 07, 08:47AM

I agree, but I also think there should be a spell or the like to increase one's con by 10, just like the +strength and +dex spells currently existing.

From: Sandra Friday, November 07, 10:31AM

Unless I'm missing something, there isn't a spell that increases dex. There's one that weakens it.

But then again, I've not had my coffee yet.

From: Mondain Friday, November 07, 12:29PM

I think shes thinking about the spell that increases hit roll, but no +dex spell.. and I do think Arsene has a point. I still find it confusing that choke is dex vs con, so that a fight between a con/str and a dex/str isnt really even whatsoever.. the ac differences are small, so are hit ratios as far as I can tell, but I could be wrong -shrug-

From: Mice Friday, November 07, 02:12PM

umm... i got confused about summon butterflies... there was a bug where it increased mydex a few times... i didn't realize that isn't what it was supposed to do... my appologies for confusing people.

From: Rufus Friday, November 07, 02:18PM

there is a spell that increases dex =P it's not chantable tho, and as far as I know, only in one hard-to-get way -grin-


From: Kamiya Saturday, November 08, 12:55PM

Since constitution is supposed to be your general health and stamina, then some form of sickness would logically reduce the stat.

From: Drxt Monday, November 10, 03:25PM

dont ask them to put things in, nothing we think is important is more important than their current projects that will be finished in the year 2010. Wouldn't want to unbalance the mud by making it dynamic. -Gasp-


From: Ea! Monday, November 10, 04:55PM

Starting next reboot choke will now be dex vs. str/con


From: Vengeance Monday, November 10, 10:13PM

you can get +10 dex from a spiffy lil' vial that you can only get from killing a mob that's not supposed to be solo'd, one of those big mobs in the 500k-1mil xp range =P if the imms were feeling especially generous they'd make the herb why not dex? (hope that last line came out, my zmud is broke)


From: Vengeance Monday, November 10, 10:16PM

line didn't come out =( .. anyways, you can brew for strength pretty easily, why not dex? =P


From: Lethargio Tuesday, November 11, 05:05AM

i think they removed that +dex thingie from the mob that your talking about...unless your talking about a different mob


From: Fleance Friday, November 14, 04:45PM

You dont get it CHOKE does NOT make being dex wortth it as is. WHERE IS THE ATTACK THAT YOUR OPPONENT NOT HAVING DEX


Ideas perhaps

-remove the backstab flag, a no lag skill like trip that lags the oppenet a round
-a dizzy effect on you ropponent if they have very low dex

I dont know , somethign toi where if you dont have dex, you are liable to an attack (Not having dex means under 70)


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