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Posted by Lethargio on 11/17

just was wondering, but why is choke dex to con, or dex to str/con? Why not dex to dex?


From: Ea! Tuesday, November 11, 11:57AM

The decision was made to change choke to dex vs. str/con instead of dex vs. dex because we felt the the aspect of getting someone into a choke hold was determined only by the attacker's dex, not both the victim and attacker's dex. If you look at the messages within the skill, you'll notice that a failed choke is generally because the victim manages to break the choke hold -- which is based on the victim's consititution (if they can survive the hold long enough to break out) and strength (if they can physically break the hold).

In an ideal world, all skills would depend on tons of things -- both the attacker and defender's strengths, dex, what the attacker is wearing on their arms, what the defender is wearing on their necks, etc. For now, however, that level of detail is not a priority for the coding department.


From: Joachim Tuesday, November 11, 05:50PM

Unless I'm mistaken, headbutt and bash were originally thought to be "logical" to depend on dex. Unfortunately this created an imbalance. (unless I'm mistaken the miss messages for both still just imply just missing, which really would be a dex thing)

Somehow, it strikes me as more logical to make the messages match whatever stat comparison is balanced, than to imbalance the game to make some messages make sense.


From: Fleance Friday, November 14, 04:49PM

If that is your reasoning then do what the hell should have been done and switch headbutt back to dex to hit like it should be if you think it out. Making it 'rational' isnt the point Making an attack for the sat you are screwing/screwed /willscrew was suppposed to be the idea behind it.

From: Typ Friday, November 14, 06:52PM

if headbutt is looked at like a goat headbutting someone in the rear then it should be based on dex. If it is looked at as someone grabbing someone else's head and smashing their forehead into theirs, then it should be con. Its all a matter of how you look at it. In the former case.. you shouldn't fall on your butt if you miss.. you should get backlashed or some such

From: Major_Payne Friday, November 14, 07:57PM

headbutt con based -eyeroll- okay, compare your goat vs people headbutt thingy with mine typ. in soccer we were told (by pros) that if we got into a fight, headbutt them in the nose. it doesn't hurt you at all, which would be where you think con would come in. but it does inflict severe pain & causes their eyes to tear up if you land it on the bridge of their nose. my ability to headbutt them there is not affected by my endurance because it doesn't hurt. it is affected by my agility and accuracy though. and if you actually do go forehead to forehead with someone, you deserve to be knocked out for stupidity.

-Major Payne

"Stupid People Campaigning for Smarter Headbutts" =P

From: Lethargio Monday, November 17, 09:23PM

since when did realism take in effect with balance?

(of the system)

hell, i think with good wrist movement, you can snap a buff guy's head


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