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Posted by Bran on 11/22

I saw there was to be a pkill tourney. Great, I thought, I wanna join in on the fun. But to my great disappointment I saw when it was....Sunday afternoon, american time...That makes it very early morning, monday, here in Europe (like 2 am or so)....

It is really great when the imms want to do something like this, and it is, on my behalf, much appreciated. But why does it often has to be at tim err, times where half the world cannot be there...If it had been anytime saturday, it would have been fine. Even if it is late here, most have the choice of staying up late, because the next day is sunday.

I know it is not always possible, but it would be nice if there also were some arrangements like this on times where not only americans could participate.

But -CHEERS- for the imms who take time to plan things like this.


From: Tybalt Tuesday, November 11, 06:44PM

Well I'm sorry to hear that you can't be there. But there is proly a reason that it's on Sunday... AT least for some of use people from the U.S.A... You see Saterday (the day you said it proly should be) is the 1st day of Deer hunting season. And I know that if the pkill torny was on Saterday me and alot of other mudders would be as disaponted as you. And of corse you have to remember that the mud is based in the U.S.A

Just my 2 cents

Tybalt Capulet

From: Sandra Tuesday, November 11, 08:43PM

Actually, I could care less about deer hunting season. =P I set up the tourney for Sunday because that was when I could run it. I'm very sorry that Bran isn't able to attend, I did try to make it so that as many time zones as possible could be there. Considering that it will run until at least 10pm, there was'nt much more I could do. =\

From: Flidais Tuesday, November 11, 09:12PM

In reference to the comment about making it suitable for as many time zones as possible: if this is meant to refer to international times, I would like to point out that both European and Australian/Asian times are AHEAD of US ones ( I think), so Sunday night might as well be a week night for non-american players. There was a notice about this before the board got wiped, where somebody calcuated the range of times that would although participation no matter where people live and it was from Friday night until around mid-morning Sunday (eek that should be 'allow' participation).

This is not a complaint, just some information in case it is helpful, sinc since holding something late won't accomadate any more people in non- US time zones when if its already Monday (well if people don't have to work or study then it would I guess)

Flidais the huntress, (but NOT a deer hunter).

From: Bran Tuesday, November 11, 10:25PM

I am not saying that it must or shall be held at another day, Sandra. I would just remind people that it is nice when activities are also placed after european time sometimes :)

And Tybalt, I hope you don't mean that this mud is for americans, where the rest of us is just allowed to play as long as we dont make any troubles.


From: Nienke Thursday, November 13, 02:26AM

Should it make any difference that the mud is based in the US? There are a -lot- of overseas players here, including at least four of the immort staff. Non-american players enjoy the game just as much, and put just as much in, even if they do play at odd times of the day ;) Unfortunately the timing of events is always going to be wrong for someone

but I'm glad that the imms try to make it possible for we foreigners to join in.


From: Zorya Saturday, November 22, 12:44PM

So you're saying everyone should be able to change their strung items once a year? The immortals are supposed to keep track of this, as well? What if you change one string, then decide later on to change another one that you have? Would the immortals then have to keep track of how many strings someone has, and which ones have been changed? This sounds like an awful lot of work to me (for the imms) and not something I would want to d do, nor subject someone else to doing.



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