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Food is food? Hmm not sure.

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Posted by Xatreka on 11/20

I would like to share my opinion on food.

I have sent this idea a few time as this charactor and with my other char too if I remember well.. and at least for one year now...

Why the heck can't we cook fish, or steak, or other raw meats? :) I mean.. we can cook filets but nothing else... It doesn't make much sence..

I know it would mean a whole new sets of objects to create for the cooked food items.... But... in the furture, do we have ANY chance of being able to at least cook fish and other raw meats?

Xatreka (CLeo)

From: Erodic Thursday, November 13, 09:27AM

well, you can't cook fish, xatreka, but what other raw meat can you NOT cook?

From: Xatreka Friday, November 14, 08:03AM

Well, you can't cook a hauch of mutton if you buy it.

You can't cook a fresh steak.

You can't cook body parts you find on mobs (human, or other)



P.S.- Would be more fun if we could cook fish and those too.. and why not cook berries to make pies while we're at it?

From: Tancred Friday, November 14, 02:49PM

Jam! Salads! Pies! Tarts! Puddings! Compots!

- Probably be incredibly annoying to code, but one must admit, the idea has merit as a fun factor :)

From: Legion Saturday, November 15, 07:43PM

Or for that matter how about a slur program that garbles your typing when your drunk. Like a McDougan, but only temporary. That would be fun.

From: Daer Sunday, November 16, 07:26PM

It is a nice idea. However..

nice important

not important = not worth coding till after trees

arrival of trees = sometime in the next millenium hrm, that line above should read: nice <> important so while it is nice to think of such things... unless it is easy to code, I'd bet its not going to even be considered. If it is and I am wrong, I won't complaign, I think its a good idea, but looking at past suggestions and the current changes, I'd say most of what goes in isn't from what the players suggest anyway. This board is kind of a put it up and discuss, then forget board. I won't say this is always true.. because it isn't. Generally though.. unless it is a point of great contention or is super easy to code, nothing on the board that is a great idea, but neither of the above has gone in.

Just noticing a trend.


From: Jen-Creature Thursday, November 20, 09:27PM

You can cook pies...try doing bake -meat-

The skill works on raw meat that you carve yourself rather than stuff you buy. I guess theoretically the stuff you buy is already "prepared."

Ok, I hope that wasn't too much information on a public board, but I guess I'll find out if I get warned or if it's taken down.



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