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Coupons and Roleplay

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Posted by Daer on 11/24

I know I have talked about this before, but I feel that it is necessary to get this opinion out into the open one more time since many things have happened since I last talked about this. As far as I am concerned, the unwillingness of the PR department to ever change coupons is a mere laziness. A well thought out system could be devised to prevent people from constantly changing their coupons, while still giving the option to those that are willing to work hard for getting them changed. For example- I sent a proposal of an RP situation which would be a major undertaking and involve lots of preparation, which would change the RP situation for my character. It has been suggested to me that were my RP situation to be reversed that I should just roleplay my couponed items as items worn in mockery of what I once was. My problem is that I have 22 coupons and that is a little excessive for mockery To be told that I must start gathering twenty-two coupons all over again just to change my RP situation (which I have been playing for over a year now and am very bored with), really frustrates me. I have tried to reason with people and be very polite, but if this mud is going to be so static, then I don't see how it could continue to be enjoyable for me anymore to spend my time playing I think the PR department should revise its stance on this issue because it restricts roleplay, which is one of the main reasons we get and value coupons, because it allows us to personalize ourselves. Ideally every person could be trusted with stringing his own equiptment if he had a coupon, and could change the value of this string at any time deemed necessary for adequate roleplay, but because people would abuse it and probably treat it imaturely, it wont ever happen. Oh well, i've said enough Daer

From: Swatch Monday, November 17, 11:35PM

well...never being able to get many coupons myself, and probably not RPing as much as I would like to...but I do agree with Daer about the coupons I don't know if only old farts like us two think so...but there's bound to be more people out there that agree. Well, that's about as much as I have to say as well...peace Swatch the Old Fart

From: Arsene Tuesday, November 18, 07:55PM

well said

From: Rusalka Wednesday, November 19, 08:26AM

a) I fail to see why strings are necessary to rp. I've seen some extre...e ..extremely rp'ed characters without a string to their name. b) the "restringing" application thta daer mentions would be incredibly time consuming. Almost as much as redoing 22 strings on a semi-regualr basis. Moreover, deciding "who" deserved strings being r c) ..would be incredibly time consuming c) strings as orignally designed were on the spot creations. you got waht you wanted AT THE TIME. coupons were made as a device to allow folks to think over waht they wanted first. granted, coupons are now a commodity unto themselves, but that's beside the point. "changing" a string violates the whole premise of strings

From: Rusalka Wednesday, November 19, 08:31AM

-sigh- I meant to say that a "redo" string application process would be incredibly subjective. - rus, who didn't get much sleep last night :P

From: Daer Wednesday, November 19, 07:47PM

Redoing a string takes a little bit more than 2 minutes to do. I fail to see what is SOOO ghastly about that. If it is then give the players the option to set the value of a string to anything they want on any item... So you dont have to waste your time. If players start to misuse this privaledge, people can report them and they can have it taken away. Yes, strings are not essential, but neither is magic. neither are druid skills..etc But they sure make the game a lot more fun.

From: Daer Wednesday, November 19, 07:57PM

Oh one more thing. The thing I submitted was an RP event. I guess no one really wants to do them anyway. I should have known better. Rp just takes too much time!

From: Erodic Wednesday, November 19, 11:45PM

yes, redoing a string takes 2 minutes. redoing 22 strings takes 44 minutes.

From: Arsene Thursday, November 20, 12:21PM

After you've statistically perfected your char with eq and all th ewhois lines, ect the way daer has, and know pretty much the whole mud, abou tall he has left to do to his strings , excuse me , to hischaracter is string items.

Heck he already has more than most people ever have, and he's done a lot around here for a lo tof people. and you say you want rp on your mud, and you're ignoring one of the better ones you have here.

From: Daer Thursday, November 20, 02:11PM

44 minutes once a year isn't a bad thing if you ask me :P not like everyone is constantly busy either

From: Zorya Monday, November 24, 01:37AM

So you are suggesting that players can change the descriptions of their strung items once a year? What if you have multiple strung items and don't change all the ones you want to at the same time? Are the immortals supposed to keep track of who gets strings changed? While it is a nice idea and all, it does not sound very feasible to me - there is likely someone out there who would want to change their string once a month...


From: Daer Monday, November 24, 04:25PM

I never said anything about changing once a year as a policy I was saying that I have had mine for a year and a half and


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