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Posted by Celia on 11/25

I understand perc is regarded as pretty useless at the moment, but perc skills are getting fixed.

Seems to me there will still be a problem even if things like snipe get fixed, because other stats give more than the use of certain 'specials' as adavantages, ie con gives hps and resistance to many forms of stun, dex gives damage avoidance, strength gives extra weapon damage as well as all these stats giving access to their own special attacks. I gues this doesn't apply to mind and spirit, but both these stats allow you to do things which are rather different to the fighting stats, and thus might make them an attractive choice to combine with a fighting stat.

I was just wondering if the chance of getting a 'critical hit' is based on perc, and if not, if it could be. Seems to me that would be logical, since perc would allow you to place your weapon where it hurts most, so to speak. This could be possible even without having dex, since now and again your opponent would be caught off guard and as long as you have the perc to realise it, could take adavantage of that.

That might make perc more attractive, if the specials alone are not seen as enough (they would have to be better than the specials for other stats because other stats give more than special attacks).

Just a thought.


From: Rufus Tuesday, November 25, 04:25PM

Perc has been integrated into the defensive capabilities of players.

Look for this change in the next few reboots/crashes.



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