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MYTH: Imms don't care about players

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Posted by LadyAce on 12/01

A few players have been saying that immorts don't care about players.

This is simply not true.

Immortals give up their free time to work on the mud, and to try to contribute to it the best they can. To say that they don't care is simply rude, wrong, and hurtful. As immortals, everything we do is our attempt to make things better for everyone.

We do make mistakes, and we know that, and you know that. But call it what it is: a mistake. Going overboard with hyperbolic acerbic criticism makes it very hard to listen.

We often don't follow up directly to comments on boards, partially because boards are good places to present one idea, not respond and discuss severa l different ideas.

If you have an idea that you feel we haven't listened too, or that you'd l like a response to, I encourage you to talk to us personally. It's easier for us to be clear, and it's easier for you to know what we think.

I'm not sure if you all know, but we do have a room full of boards in immort-land, and it's part of the requirements of being an immort for us to read those boards, so regardless of how you contact us, we will hear you. But that's different from agreeing.

Sincerely, and with all her love for players intact,


From: Something Monday, November 24, 02:44AM

Bah, anyone who says that imms don't care about the players isn't paying attention to what's going on around them very much. Take for instance, Snapper [and whoemever else, I'd like to thank as well] recently coded in a autosave when you get things from your corpse. The original idea behind it was just to autosave everytime you got anything from any corpse, which we all know is a Bad Thing . I talked to Snapper about my concerns for the code, and he had it changed so it only saved when you got things from your corpse. Why would an imm take the time to code something like this if they didn't care?

My advice is - it's a game, jeez. If it really gets you frusterated, maybe you shouldn't play. Legend and other muds are here for us to relax and have fun, but lately it seems to be more of a chore for some people. You lost your stuff. Big deal. If I had a nickel for every soul who told me that their stat arrangement turned out better after they reequipped than it was before, well, dang, I could afford a pentium. :) Losing your stuff isn't all that big a deal, no matter how much time and effort you put into it. Most of the time it can be replaced, even those nasty hard-to-get items. After all, you are here to have fun. How much fun would you be having if you had your stats all perfect and you were too darn afraid to leave an inn for fear you'd lose your stuff? Sit back, take a deep breath, and if legend really frusterates you, maybe you should think about taking a break.

From: Trinity Monday, November 24, 04:32AM

I have all my stats perfect ... all my eq perfect ... my weapon perfect and im definetly not afraid of leaving an inn ....

Im just waiting for pkill.

Snap out of it: Most seriously pkiller got all their stats/eq perfect. I dont play this for fun, i play this to be the best.

To be the best pkiller, to have the best char, to rule the mud.

And I know alot of other pkiller do so too.

So get pkill in, forget reimbush totally and I'll be happy as ever.

Like in RL your life is gonna suck sometimes, and noone will come jumping out from the sky and give you all your stuff back.

So if you loose your eq take it as a challenge, and if you gets through it then its just cool.


PS: if some imms or players dont like that i play this just to be the best you should realize one thing: This mud is online! If you want to controle something totally you shouldnt put it online ... of course you could site ban me, but I got access to over 200 different servers sop that would be kinda hard :)

PPS: if you borrow a piece of eq to someone else the other person should save with it and you shouldnt ... then you are safe ... might even get an extra item :) Of course it is illegal to keep the extra piece of eq

PPPS: Just ignore me .... still not sober :)

From: Orange1Guest Monday, November 24, 05:03AM

This last append is maybe the very best argument -against- pkill I have ever heard. I think that the vast majority of players does play the mud for fun, and not to get some funny imagination or "ruling" - in the sense of having some funny kind of power over others :(

This is probably also the reason why a majority of players chooses to stay out of pkill.

And now don't tell me I am hiding as a guest, I have had enough of offensive and rude remarks thrown at me by pkillers to risk any more..

The very necessity of "hiding" is the best proof of the atmoshpere created here by some pkillers..mind you it,s just very small minority of them, but more than enough to make things stink!

From: Densiva Tuesday, November 25, 06:00PM

heres my take on why the players seem sort of hostile to the immorts of this mud.

Ok ive noticed somethings about legend that strike me as silly like its not very likly that a legendmud immort would go out of there way to fix little things that could, or would make a player happy to be here.

ill give you an example, one time (out of many) i was with another player that didnt know casting flying sword (or whatever its called) on a sword or dagger (in this case a staff) makes the item go poof when the times is up.

so the player casted it on her strung weapon, thinking it would just become normal and she could wield it again. after all there wasnt any mention of this in the spells help_file so she was just experamenting.

another player passed the room, then saw the floating weapon and mentioned that the item is going to disapear when the timer was up without wasting any time we asked an immort for help.(before the item poofed) so we could prove that it was really her item.

well when the immortal saw what was happening, she denied the player a reimbursment of either weapon, or coupon, leaving the player help- less do do anything. and what was the immorts reasoning? "why should i help you, i dont have to do anything" is what she told us.

even after calmly explaining to her that the player didnt know the spell distroyed the item, and there was no help-file mention of it.

Now i ask you, what would it cost you (as an immortal) to load a coupon and a staff for the player in question? NOTHING! Not a damn thing in the world.

Then you ask why we hate some of you?

Best leave the immorting to people that have realized that its the players that make a mud work.


PS feel free to email me or FLAME me or whatever at Densiva@mailexcite.com

From: Stella Tuesday, November 25, 09:54PM

Regarding Densiva's story of the spell and the poofed item...

Well, it is no fun when an item goes poof, but the rules clearly states that no reimburse would be done in such a case. And secondly, if they did it, they would be yelled at from every other side. Some would start demanding eq because "they did the excactly same thing a year ago", and because people would start cheating. It is sad, but true, that some players would do anything to cheat if they could. And every time the imms have changed something they have been called names, yelled at, and generally received rude coments for it...

So the rules seems quite fair to me....

And I would also like to ask why you hate the imms....Why would you ever hate anyone because of a game?


From: Densiva Wednesday, November 26, 12:42AM

sure players cheat, but so what, its only a game remeber?

i dont thinks its a very good policey after all it wasnt her fault the item poofs after the spell wears off, its a codeing problem or an oversite on the part of whoever wrote the help_file.

besides, STELLA, i also think it wouldnt kill anybody to have given a reimbursment in this case, because we had proof and an immort saw it.

I think that if something is not a players fault then the Admin dept should take care of the problem in some way. you would get alot less hasttle then the immorts get here now.

I know what im talking about, im Head Admin at an very popular pkill mud, and i never have a problem fixing something that isnt right. or giving a reimbursment if i feel we made a misstake at some point.

Im also the one that takes all the heat if somethings changed and the players didnt like it, but i always try and be fair and I make it up to them in some way. and we dont have the Immortal/player relations nightmare you guys have on this mud. because to us, its just a game, its not like its costing us anything.


-Densiva(knows this will fall on deft ears anyways, but had to try)

From: Something Wednesday, November 26, 03:43AM

If this is just a game, WHY are so many people getting upset over some minor changes? I've heard of people who started -Crying- RL after the mind change to expert trainings. Some people need to get a grip. Losing one, if even strung, item isn't the end of the world. You can always replace it, who cares if it takes time and effort? You've already put enough time and effort into it to do it over again.

From: Densiva Wednesday, November 26, 03:46AM

thats not the point, the point is she made an innocent mistake, but not out of carlessness, and ended up paying the price and being upset and turning bitter, when the whole situation was easly avoidable by simply restring a staff for her. There was no cheating involved. only an immort that refused right a wrong then they wonder why people dont treat them with the respect they work so hard to achive, but never quite get.

Perhaps they are undermining themselves.


From: Trinity Wednesday, November 26, 07:10AM

What if you by accident hurts someone else in RL.

Like you accidentally shoot someone and kill em ... it happens sometimes.

Do you then expect god to come down from the sky and restore them??

I think reimbush should be removed totally. Its tough to grow up!

Thats the way it should be ... and some never make it.

Life sucks ... and then you die. Go pkill and you'll die even sooner -cackle- ... nah honestly i think people whine to much about it being to hard.

I think its to easy .. mayby i should change mud, but then again.

To learn a mud good you have to play there like half a year RL ... a long time. Some newbies have obviously not discovered this and think then should be able to do as good as an oldbie. Well you cant!

From: Stella Wednesday, November 26, 09:34AM

Besides, DENSIVA (I wonder why you capitalized my name, but I liked it, so thank you :)), if she had been reimbursed, I am quite sure that a whole lo of players would start whining about a reimb too. And the imms would have no chance to see who cheated and not.

Somehow, if this would be as other changes have been, the whining would not stop because of logical arguments or anything, only when the whiners found something new to whine about. So I am sort of understanding why the imms choose not to reimburse the player.


From: Lust Friday, November 28, 11:19PM

I've had my strung weapon poof because of that spell Yeah, granted, there should be something in the help file that it'll default to your wielded weapon and poof after a time, and possibly I could have been reimbursed, but oh well. I simply got a new weapon and a new coupon and restrung it, and sent a bug report to the bug channel on the spell. If it hasn't been fixed by now or the help files haven't been updated, then maybe I should get a little annoyed because this happend over a year ago. :P

From: Celia Sunday, November 30, 02:45AM

Funny, just a while ago I logged on to a pkill mud where somebody called 'Densiva' is listed as a senior staff member, and on the opening screen I found the following:

"We have a NO REIMBURSEMENT policy. Under NO circumstances 1will this policy be violated or changed. Don't even bother asking".

Also this:

Yes, we >were< a once very helpful staff, but many problems (you know who you are...) have popped up, and given us hell. We no longer tolerate it, and are very edgy.

Obviously, this cannot be the same mud densiva refers to in his posts?

From: Densiva Monday, December 01, 03:06PM

well i do see that on my MOTD, but we never hold true to the NO RIEMBURSMENT policy, in fact we just had a major problem the other day in which do to some corrupt player files, we had to use a 3 day old Pfile backup. I WENT OUT OF MY WAY TO REIMBURS EVERY SINGLE PLAYER that said they lost some eq or mission points, and it took me 4 days to do it, and even if they couldnt prove they did or didnt have what they said they lost, i gave it to them anyways, giving them all the benifit of dought.... and i made them happy, thats all i wanted to do.

Besides Fearitself wrote that long ago, and its his policy, not mine, or the people in my departments. ask anybody that plays there........ if you care enough to listen to the truth.

-Densiva (has never said NO to somebody asking for a reimbursment...EVER)


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