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Why is it you guys take forever

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Posted by Densiva on 11/26

why is it you guys take forever to try and find balance as far as player types go? its not the hard to figure out whats needed, sheeeesh ive been waiting a couple months for you guys to do something with PERC/DEX characters....

HELLO? ANYBODY in there? As usual for this mud, theres nobody home.

-Densiva(who only takes minates to make a change that will balance Aliens vs. Predators)

From: Celia Wednesday, November 26, 01:00AM

Obviously, the more depth, complexity and sophistication in a mud, the more difficult and time consuming it is to develop it. I've seen plenty of muds that would take little time to settle and 'balance', but none in that category that I would ever want to play.


From: Densiva Wednesday, November 26, 01:10AM

trust me, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out whats wrong, i think this mud lacks leadership, nobody really ever takes charge and makes a dission, and is willing to live with the consiquences. but insted they debate and debate and debate, and 3 or 4 months later (if we are lucky) something is changed. Thats much to slow IMHO. One of you immortals should take a stand or reoganize, take the spineless people out of the desision making. Give that person all your support as far as whats changed, and let that thick skinned person take the heat for anything unpopular. (at least he should be able to justify actions, that makes things much easyer to deal with)

The president of the United States does this all the time, and he got re-elected! ;)

-Densiva (just trying to make your life alittle better)(there can only one leader)

From: Celia Wednesday, November 26, 01:50AM

I personally detest authoritarian, bossy, domineering people, who expect undivided loyalty, and who think that having a dogmatic, inflexible attitude is something to be proud of.

The problem is that anyone who has the personality characteristics described is by their very nature one of the people least fit to 'take control'.

And that goes for the president of the United States too- its a well known fact that those who want power are those least fit to have it :)

If any such person 'took control' here, I for one would certainly not want to play here anymore.

And being willing to make a decision without proper consultation is nothing to be proud of, rather a problem to be ashamed of.

So there!


From: Densiva Wednesday, November 26, 02:08AM

well your entitled to your oppinion, even if it is short sighted and lacking the strenght of convitions. you really dont have a clue about what makes a good leader,(judging buy your posts) a good leader, leads and as for the stated FACT that if such a person "took control" here YOU would not what to play here anymore, i think we can live with that as well.

In all, some one like you would be fit to lead us as far as the front door, insted of down the stairs and to the walkway, into the outside world.

So there ;)


From: Celia Wednesday, November 26, 02:37AM

Just as some of could cope very easily with YOU not playing here any more Densiva, judging by your posts and your attitude. I only wish you would stick to muds you like better if you hate people here so much. oh, and I assume from your posts that you think Hitler was an excellent leader, after all he got those trains running in really good time.


From: Densiva Wednesday, November 26, 02:57AM

Well if it wasnt for the fact that Hitler wasnt a monster, that did unspeakable things to people, he would have been a great leader. (read that as "was" not "wasnt", i have no love for him) he lead his contry on a rampage and neerly took control of the world. at least he was able to make decsions and didnt let his own people push him around, and most of his people where fiercly loyal to him, even tho, he was a monster. In a way Stallin was the same. thou less liked by his own people.

Oh and i never said i hate all the people from this mud, in fact, i have alot of loyal friends. And comeback every now and then to see them. And well torment the likes of you, because well im a monster too.

-Densiva (a monster with attitude) 8)

From: Zelda Wednesday, November 26, 03:16AM

Hmmm, my very favourite quote in the whole world comes to mind here.

"The whole trouble with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, while wiser people are full of doubts."

-Bertrand Russell

Zelda, queen of the quote.

From: Densiva Wednesday, November 26, 03:43AM

A great sounding quote, if only it were true.


From: Zelda Wednesday, November 26, 05:54AM

I wouldn't be so CERTAIN it isn't true Densiva, if I were you.


From: Tyche Wednesday, November 26, 07:21AM

-smirk- just more name calling

From: Stella Wednesday, November 26, 09:39AM

I have an idea about why no imm want to make a quick decision. It is likely because whenever they do so, some players (poke Densiva too) immediately start whining no matter what. "They just make these decisions without thinking about what effects it will have, and how unfair it will be". Densiva, you truly lack the characteristics to become a leader, as you tend to forget the good things, and focus too much on the negative parts. No matter what, I rarely see you say "This and that is not good, it would be better if you did so and so". You just complain, write rude replies, and is generally one of the persons here who create a very bad mood here.

I have never seen any letter written by you which was not rude, unpleasant and containing absolutely no constructive critisism, just whining. If this mud is so bad, and you just return here to talk with some loyal friends, I also wonder why you don't meet at your great pkill mud.



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