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Posted by Daer on 12/01

I can't help but read all of these posts and think that most of the anger and bad feelings toward one another is merely the result of bad communication between the mortals and the players. I know I myself have felt this way when it took me 5 months of asking nice and getting no response to something I sent to certain Imms, until one day I came out and bluntly stated that I wanted an answer now. This is not such an extreme example, but the worse thing I think that an Imm can do is treat people with silence. I know that it is most hard to keep up with everyone's tells, but we as players deal with the same thing and I know when I get slews of tells I make sure I reply to each one. I take care of all of the mail I get and try to answer everyone satisfactorly (sp?) ANYWAY, this is not really my point. I posted this to suggest that instead of the Imms saying, "This is the way it is for you, and there is no changing that." (leaving the players mad, confused and helpless) How about we hold a series of discussions going through all of the current policies and voting on their different aspects. I am sure that if the Imms come down to the level of the players so that everyone is listened to and everyone gets a chance to voice their opinion and vote on changes. (you know. that thing called democracy) Some good things might actually come out of it. Of course things like representative numbers and such would have to be considered, but I am not here to outline it just throw the idea up in the air. I know its Ptah and Kaige's mud and of course its all up to them in the end. But if they would take the chance to do this instead of issuing decrees from on high. Well I've already made this point.


From: Daer Wednesday, November 26, 01:24PM

oh btw, that was supposed to read: is merely the result of bad communication between the IMmortals and the players...

From: Teena Friday, November 28, 12:42PM

The idea about a democracy it a nice one, Daer, but in no way possible to have....Every time a player who had the whining gene felt cheated or disliked a change, he or she would demand a vote on that change, no matter how small or big. Or at least, that is how I think it will be....Besides, who was to decide whether a change was big enough to have a voting about it or not?

And if it was to be about every single change there was, it would soon be voting hell, where the imms could do nothing but count votes...

Teena the eternal teenager

From: Daer Monday, December 01, 01:45PM

I'm sorry if it came out like I was talking about changes they made. I was talking about POLICIES. Like: harassment policy, reimb policy, string policies, etc. I'm not tlaking about taking allt he power out of the hands of the imms. I agree that that would be ridiculous.


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