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Posted by Tony_Stark on 11/27

Well I enjoyed all the new discussion board threads, I thought the board had been kind of dead lately. Good to see some criticism floating around. Anyway I had a post deleted a few days ago, that was related to quite a bit on the board now. Hehe guess i had too much beer after work. anyway...

The thing with reimbs is, they take too much time. Imms don't want to do them and they don't won't anyone thinking they are giving them out. Basically you don't get a reimb unless you figure out their bug and fix their code. But if I was an imm I would probably feel the same way. You can't expect anyone to spend 2 or 3 hours a night doing reimbs.

The only problem is legends code, its seems a bit sloppy, or old, or buggy, or old, incomprehensible, and buggy, hehe. Whatever you call it ive seen muds coded tons better. Other muds actually do backups regularly, and can restore player files from the last backup with a couple of short commands. They also have it coded so its impossible to duplicate eq when the mud crashes, if that gives you any idea about how well the code saves between eq handoffs.

But I have no problem with the imms as a whole, some are good friends, some I think have bad attitudes, some I don't like, but on the whole they work harder than I would ask them too, considering this is supposed to be fun for them too.

Sure there gonna play favorites some time, but thats human nature. If the code was improved so reimbing to say 2nd to last successful save, was made a one command deal, I would imagine that imms would do it a heck of a lot more often.

Hrm create mages. I never met a create mage that impressed me with anything he/or she could directly do in pkill because they were create. One of the best I met in pkill was Howard, but I think thats cuz he had like 510 or so hp sanced with 500 mana, and used cure serious quite often. That still sounds scary now. Giving create dispel magic helps them some, but losing spell affects makes it the same as renting out, so all you really gain is trip to town to rent out. I still like cure blind way better and that along with recall and a couple other good spells I would never play create. Creates that where good pkillers were good pkillers because they concentrated on fighting instead of spells. For that same reason I prefer 2nd circle cause over 3rd, fighting is just easier and more productive than having weak stats and trying to immoliate someone. Kick/flee, or even better Headbutt/flee (at least in the past) can really screw someone up trying to cast immoliates.

You can't do much good with create in pkill unless you have a near perfect sink. One time I was fighting some grendel near the druid compound, I was down to about 30 hp and tripping out, but i ran over near orkney, then blinded them when they entered the room. There was no way for them to kill me, yah they could run rent, or have a potion on them, but whoever they were trying to kill would be gone most likely. Heck I even used a trigger for "You have been blinded!" cure blind, for a long time and noone ever knew to try to waste my mana, setting it off. Which reminds me about another mud that gives you a chance to see what spell someone else is casting when they start and most spells that do much take a second or two, but thats another story sorry to spam the board hehe.



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