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Create mage food

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Posted by Crackerjack on 11/30

Ok just a small thing ..

Since i can only use my healing roots when i am not full, I tend to try to only eat half the amount of food that would get me to full (If i get to full i have to wait 6 ticks i think it is before I can eat, and therefore heal myself, again).

Because of this I hardly ever use either of my food spells (forage and create food) because they fill me up completely. What I am proposing is that the create mage spell create food be adjusted slightly to be half a filling meal (at half the mana cost of course). That way i can use my magic to eat without compromising my healing ability! For those who do want to eat to full they can just make 2 of them for the same mana cost.

From: Stradivari Saturday, November 29, 03:44PM

You said it, Crackerjack. =)

From: Zelda Saturday, November 29, 08:15PM

I think thats a good idea (though I'm not a create mage). When something new gets added or a change is made, other things often need to be changed too.

Zelda, the obvious.

From: Rufus Sunday, November 30, 08:40AM

How about I make it so that you can declare, when you cast the spell, how many hours worth of food the meal will be worth?


From: Crackerjack Sunday, November 30, 12:03PM

That sounds perfect!


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