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Posted by Rufus on 12/08

Create healing roots last longer, much longer than they did before. Long enough you could go from full to popping a full stomach's worth of the things.

As far as 'using' vs 'eating' I don't think we'll change that any time soon. I've found with my create mages that if you balance your stomach, you can pretty much heal at any time. The extended timer should help out tho.

As far as a mana ratio, i think the spell charges around 25 mana or so and has the capability of healing up to 70 (though the average is somewhere around 25-36). So yes, actually you are better off than cause mages who have to spend a point per point healed, plus a casting cost on top of that.


From: FairfaxII Monday, December 01, 03:46AM

Very much appreciated, Rufus. Thanks :)

Fairfax the Second

From: Ulric Tuesday, December 02, 01:41PM

Yes, it works much better now... thanks

From: Densiva Monday, December 08, 07:14PM

now if only you could eat while fighting, thou its not very reallistic, and might be alittle unbalanced if would be cool to do 8)



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