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Posted by Manic on 12/14

I haven't complained about flee for a while so here goes :)

Despite con mages doing well in pkill considering they're no longer headbutt bait and can use headbutt against others while saving mana for healing (amongst other things) they really suck against mobs mostly because of their inability to flee. Some mobs still have multiple attacks and so do a lot more damage to one without the dex to flee reliably, increasing the amount of exits by fearing mobs helps somewhat but unfortunately all HOL mobs in one exit rooms and many other mobs around the MUD can no longer be feared as they're rooted or something wacky like that.

Worst of all is if one's disconnected while fighting, if you don't have the dex to flee, you die!

Anyways, being the only MUD around where fleeing is practically restricted to just 1 type of fighter, would you consider adjusting it somewhat so one with 30-ish dex has 50% or better chance of fleeing?

Even if flee wasn't a problem I'm considering switching to dex for the hoards of other skills available only to those with reasonably high dex. (and no, I don't want to lower my mind in exchange for more balanced stats)

From: Manic Wednesday, December 10, 04:34AM

BTW, thanks for implementing rent & offer short, used to take me agesss to rent :)

From: Aeolus Wednesday, December 10, 04:41AM

I really don't see much of a problem with con mages not being able to flee... reason being.. fleeing is an ability that you lose by centering on a stat other than dex. In return, you get a bunch of hps. I am a str/con fighter and I don't depend on fleeing....

Anyways... letting con type chars be able to flee would in effect step us toward the "superchar" mode.. where one char would inevitably be able to do and be everything... Although this may be desirable for most chars at the moment, if everybody is a superchar, things would be bland... (although I guess its a dirty way to get out of the problem with balancing the stats =P)

-shrug- you might argue that fleeing is more important than hps ... but then again dex fighters don't get to headbutt, warcry... or any of those nice things with a good effect... its all a problem with balancing... and atm, I think Legend is like a balance that is still wobbling up and down, but gradually will come to a final equilibrium :)

-- Aeolus

From: Anarchy Thursday, December 11, 01:09AM

All the references here refer to high level chars and 100 of this stat or that stat - in finding balance I think there has been a real loss by those of us sitting in the 10-20 range.

Case in point, I was watching a battle in HoL today with Eva, and although not grouped (wasn't leeching xp so don't go there) and not participating in any way in the fight (simply resting and watching she turned and attacked me. With all my stats in the lower ranges, I obviously died and lost a ton of HP, which are going to take me quite some time to recover. And forget the stories about "I can do that in 5 minutes" because I'm not one of these people that powerlevels to 50 and can cut a hole like that in minutes.

I typed flee prolly 20 times before my hp ran out, and then just started on the road back to my next level. Personally I think it's a raw deal that a non-agg mob will attack ANY player in the room (grouped ones I could understand), but that's not my point Either way, I think needing really high dex to flee under any circumstances is very biased against us lower level chars that really NEED to flee on a more common basis.

Perhaps balancing dex requirements against player level to determine chance of success/failure would allow it to be balanced easier without offsetting higher level players as much?

Just my $0.03 including tax

Anarchy the perma-newbie

From: Anarchy Thursday, December 11, 01:17AM

oh btw that's lost a ton of XP, not HP (well HP too...)

The type was my keyboard's fault - it has a temper at times...

Anarchy, Again

From: Sheer Thursday, December 11, 11:02AM

Ability to flee is by far the most powerful dex 'skill' around, especially in the setting of pkill. With the move of headbutt to con, and the weakness of choke compared to headbutt, this is a reasonable thing to leave with dex.

Oh, and I would advise not attacking mobs big enough to kill you if you can't flee :)

From: Mandrake Thursday, December 11, 11:48AM

C'mon, you think dex should be the only ones with the ability to get away from a double or triple team in pkill?

It shouldn't be considered as a skill, it's a necessity for all and if you don't attempt mobs that can kill you then it's hardly worth playing..

Another thing, I was hung up by my ISP earlier today, just aid self I attacked a mob (I'm disconnected without warning at least once every couple of hours), I'm just lucky the mob was a sidhe and not the dun mobs i was killing a few mins earlier as there's no chance i could have fled out of that 1 exit room without "spamming" flee.

It just don't seem right I should have to play a dex fighter to avoid death occurring by no fault of my own.

From: Lagmonster Friday, December 12, 09:24PM

Well, not all chars with low dex are bugged by the no flee thingie. Exits play a bigger role (well, it did the time i played here, anyway) in determining success of flee, so if you must flee, just fight mobs that you can lure into an area with more exits. 5 exits guarantees fleeing even with chars that have 20ish dex (used to do that a lot, so trust me... unless they changed the code), and from a four-exit room, you do have a decent chance to flee. So... well

From: Wynd Sunday, December 14, 12:39AM

I have seen muds where you can simply walk to the direction of choice when fleeing, and although it will mean that things are going to change drastically, i think it would be more realistic, if we add some random act that it will do double damage when you walk away from a fight (like, you turn your back on them, they get you good). Besides, flee right now allows for people to flee after getting a skill in, which goes very much against what it says in the help files (can't do anything including flee after doiing a skill)


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