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Posted by Zak on 12/15

It has recently come to my attention that there is a slight inbalance that probably no one cares about. To do a certain 'quest' if you will, one needs the skill play. It is a quest that increases your hps every time you play brilliantly. It decreases your hps ever time you play poorly. With all of my other characters this has never really been much of a problem because they have had a way to heal themselves and this quest was never one I used much. Now, however, I am forced to find ways of healing my character up because there is no way to do so on my own except to sleep. I noticed however, that all the character types that can already heal themselves quickly, have the greatest advantage in that to play brilliantly you need primarily high mind, dex and spirit also come into play (but from trials it seems mind plays a more key element to this skill). It seems a bit unfair that characters that can already heal themselves be given the further advantage this quest offers. I doubt that anything will be changed because it makes sense to base play on all three of these attributes, I just think that mages, primarily, shouldn't even be given the ability to heal themselves. (with a certain item, my mage can go from 50 hps, 50 mana to 350 hps/ 620 mana in under 3 mins) Mages have the upper hand in a lot of ways, I am not here to post a message that is whinny, just one that points out an inbalance. Now that it has been pointed out and explained I will just say to conclude: There are already primary healer types: surgeons and druids. With the rate at which mages can regenerate their mana through a skill, and with that item i mentioned before, I think that the healing spells should be taken away. More options in the game should be instated for alternate (but not easy) ways of healing oneself. This way the play quest would be more for the mages and people with high mind. Another place could deal primarily with fighter types...etc. There is one place I can think of where there are no preferences involved, but it takes almost as long as just sleeping for hps, so if anyone is interested, i could send them my ideas via email, because they cannot be posted on this board


From: Tarbash Saturday, December 13, 12:09AM

chant meue kala dyn ex really like to know how you can go from 50 mana to to 690 in under 3 minutes without help from someone else. And be able to heal your hit points at the same time.

From: Zorya Saturday, December 13, 12:39AM

there is a way, i have seen it done, and i personally don't think it should be allowed...

as for mages being able to heal and all, you chose to be a fighter, and can't expect to be able to heal yourself and all that, it is one of the things you give up for better fighting stats.


From: Zak Saturday, December 13, 12:50AM

I understand that, i'm just saying that at present, i think that it is imbalanced. I think mages should have the same penalty is all. Let the healer types do their job.

From: BenKanaan Saturday, December 13, 05:59AM

Well, it would seem more logical to me to remove "that certain item", whatever it might be - If it's only usable for mages, i have no idea what it is. Unfortunately the post sounds like "I can't do it, so stop others from doing it as well". As Zorya pointed out, mages have to sacrifice a -lot- of other things, so even as a fighter you have to accept -some- sacrifices..

And just for the record, healing spells do cost a lot of mana, and it applies to both schools.



From: Fleance Saturday, December 13, 12:33PM

well of moonlight about a year ago was nice.

From: Zak Saturday, December 13, 03:05PM

What do mages have to sacrifice? They can be good fighters and good spellcasters all at the same time. They don't sacrifice much at all.

From: BenKanaan Saturday, December 13, 05:10PM

So mages don't have to sacrifice anything? That was news to me..they have to keep all there stats at a certain minimum level to be able to cast all there spells, at least to do so in combat..

Even strength has to be at a certain minimum to be able to wield a weapon, even a create weapon for that matter..

There is no way for a mage to have 100-100-90 combination as fighters can, or at least could have..

Healing spells cost mana and are far from so efficient as the quest you have mentioned.. A lot of mage spells have been weakened already, quite a number because of pkill, which is hard to understand for someone who couldn't care less about pkill..and obviously all this is still not enough..

If you find the quest you mentioned unfair, then it would be more logical to ask for removing the quest..I can't judge it's nature myself, coz' I have never tried it..perhaps I should ;)

Otherwise, if the purpose is to get the mages out of the game then say so clearly! Unfortunately it is a notion I have had lately..

It takes a -loooong- time before I react in any way or complain, but we all have our limits after all -sigh-


From: Asmodean Saturday, December 13, 06:48PM

About the mages being able to be good fighters and spellcasters, i don't agree. I am choke bait, bash bait, and am hit with high dam swords by people with about double my damroll. Wheres the equality in fighting again? Just pointing out mages don't hit so hard as you think.


From: Zorya Saturday, December 13, 08:18PM

where do you get off saying mages give little up, zak? not only do they have to keep 4/6 stats at minimum levels to spell cast, but they do need the strength like benkanaan mentioned, to wield weapons. that is 5 out of 6 stats that need to be above a certain level. mages have lousy ac, lousy damage, and most have lousy hit. mages HAVE to be good fighters as well these days due to the weakening of many majot spells, and i have seen several who are lowering their mind so they can up their fighting stat and make up for the lower damage spells seem to be doing. straight fighter types can put 2 or 3 stats fairly low and still do good (and if you need to be healed, recruit a healer!)


From: Zak Saturday, December 13, 09:41PM

I have mages from both schools, one con and the other dex. I didn't have to sacrifice much in the making of them, i have fonud on the other hand that after making them they are great at handling certain mobs, sure mages can't be spectacular fighters with 100/100/90. but now neither can fighters (25 mind req). Fighters have oh lets count it on our hands amount of skills they can do to mages while fighting while mages have spells that spam the entire screen in two collumns. I can't believe you can sit there and say that mages have it hard off. They are a bit harder to craete, but once you have them created, its a breeze. And sure, every type (asmod) is going to have weaknesses, if they didn't the game would not be balanced, I'm just saying that mages shouldn't be able to heal, because the spells they have now, are already powerful enough. The reason they were toned down before was because they were too powerful. Sheesh, some people get really offensive when you give them a simple perspective as if you were attacking them directly.

From: BenKanaan Sunday, December 14, 07:03AM

So when you state your views Zak it's all right but when I do so I am offe

From: BenKanaan Sunday, December 14, 07:04AM

So when you state your views Zak it is all right, but when I do so I am offensive? But never mind that..

I know from experience that creating mages - especially create mages is very, very hard. And it is only growing harder since I have started here..

Of course, maybe -you- are an excellent player and I am just a wuss..entirely possible after all ;)

Because I do assume that you have created your mages -all- by yourself - and haven't had them set up by others, helping you to level? I have to assume so much, because it is only then you would be in position to judge how hard it was and hard it is now to create decent mages..

From: Stella Sunday, December 14, 07:26AM

I tried a mage a few times, and I would call it a lot of things, but not easy :)


From: Alucard' Sunday, December 14, 07:54PM

i've been through 2 mages and 2 fighters and from what i've seen it pretty much balances out

i have gotten to level 50 with my fighter in about 65 hours but for mages its like a minimum of 100 hours time...

there are alot more things mages have to do in order to become good mages while fighters just need to concentrate on 3 or 4 stats it balances out in terms of effort, and back to this whole healing thing fighters level fast early... and so must suffer leveling slowly in the end while mages take forever to level in the beginning and can heal thus level a tad bit quicker than fighters

in my whole opinion, i think this mud is fairly well balanced in terms of theory....

From: Eol Sunday, December 14, 08:11PM

Hmm, I lvled in the old system, but once I hit lvl 15 with lava flow and calm and sleep, I outstripped fighters easily. WIth the execption of waiting for rudh, I lvled fast and with a mage of equal lvl or alone for the most part. the drum once I hit 50 and went dex meant inexhautable healing I could be back to full in 5 minutes with the transes up.

From: Zak Monday, December 15, 09:06AM

the only reason mages are harder is because it takes more knowledge to make a good one and more time to get the words every other level. but once they are made, they are much easier to play than fighters imho. And no, my first character ever was a mage and it took me forever to learn how to create a good one, i then restarted and have recreated that same type twice. third time was the charm. I then went on to create my con/create mage. It is true that fighters have it easier on earlier levels, but there are ways mages can even be easier than early fighters to level. Anyway, I did everything by myself, though of course I got some help in ruts and stuff, but my mages were not powerleveld. THe healing was all I really wanted to point out anyway in this whole post.

From: Eol Monday, December 15, 04:53PM

most people do take forever to make a mage because they dont know how to make a stat string right, what eq to use as a newbie, and generally just try to act liek they have to fight as a mage at lower levels because they are


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