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Posted by Bulk on 12/19

just thinking of adding two sets of skills (idea, not that i am capable of implementing them :P) for the two stats that seem quite useless at this point

for spi, set of self-discipline, or training skills, which would allow for the skill delay to be decreased, i.e., 45 spi, bash will take 2 rounds, 70 spi, chant/kick/warcry/headbutt wiill only take one round, 100 spi, backstab and bash will only take .5 round and 1 round respectively, or something like that.

for perception, a sort of martialartsparry kinda skill where every perc point after 40 (?) would add 1% chance of dodging specials, say, people with 100 perc would have 60% chance of dodging a headbutt, in addition to the tumbling chance they may have if they have the skill.

just thinking


From: Mina Wednesday, December 17, 07:41PM Not bad ideas actually maybe then druids would be able to pull together a remote sembalance of fighting(as in 100 spr poultice types). ANd as for pe perc with snipe being all but worthless now, it would make it a bit more a appealing.


PS-this truncated line stuff should really learn to cut off only on spaces not in the middle of words

From: Rufus Wednesday, December 17, 11:58PM Is snipe really that useless? if so? how? because people can't get sniper and have 3 high fighting stats?


From: Major_Payne Thursday, December 18, 02:32PM rufus,

from my experiences with sniper here's what i learned:

1) sitting & aiming is asking to die (unless your invis, which your lucky enough to have an invis vial, or were invis'd by a mage in your clan, and if there's a mage in your clan on, nobody will sit still in an inn, that's just stupid)

2) i've unloaded 3 bags of possibles so far, i had 1 shot that stunned, a few damaging shots, and alot of misses (which strangely enough happen when i aim alot).

this promotes the belief that a sniper that can't hit the target or can hit the target but can't snipe 1/75 times (that's right 3 bags of possibles, no id snipes) is for the most part, worthless sure i got a good hunt, but what good does that do when i can't kill the person i just hunted?


From: Lethargio Friday, December 19, 03:49AM okay...I have 92 perc, and snipe works great for me. (in the last two fights, anyway), but yeah, I agree that sitting and aiming is worthless in pkill. maybe make it easier or faster to aim?

From: Mandrake Friday, December 19, 04:45AM Hmm, I've been shot at quite a few times in pkill and it seems I 'usually' end up on my butt when hit. Whether you snipe or not, that's hardly useless.

Still, I haven't really tested it so'll leave it up to you ooky snipers to discuss :P


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