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Posted by Stick on 12/20

Here's an idea for a couple new skills that I've seen on other muds that might be interesting - warrior type skills that should require two high fighting stats so mages couldn't/wouldn't easily get them.

Gouge - blinds the enemy for a short period of time, maybe similar to the 'stunning' specials in that it could be one round blinds or full tick blinds. Requirements, say 80 dex, 60 perc?

Disarm - straightforward as to what it can do...If I'm not mis- taken, snipers can shoot the weapon out of the hands of their opponents. Could be added for non-sniping types as well. Requirements high dex and str, perhaps? (And expert profficiency with the weapon-type you're using)

Maybe also a sort of defend skill that would increase the chance of blocking the opponent's attack, based on something other than dex? Or maybe not -ponder- (I'm not very sure about defend)

Anyway, just a couple of ideas.


From: Stick Thursday, December 18, 06:30PM

Another idea...All the skills I listed above could have mind reqs, they represent more intelligent fighting...-ponder- Um..

Hmm...then mages would get them too -scratch head- Oh never mind...

From: Fairfax Friday, December 19, 12:55PM

Gouge? Urk.. sounds pretty permanent to me.. why not make it jab? :)


From: Kinch Saturday, December 20, 08:21AM

Nice ideas:) I seem to recall that skill-trees will include some of these types of things...then again, I'm vague at the best of times.

While we're playing "what-if's", how about a "distract" skill. It could be a high level skill based on spirit or mind (maybe with skill pre-requisites), or could be implemented as a spell.

It could involve setting a string (in the same way as warcry), and would mean that you suddenly do something so unpredictable in the middle of a battle that your opponent finds it hard to concentrate, allowing you to get a couple of decent hits in.

Of course, the effectiveness of the distraction would be tempered by a saving throw based on the stats of the person you were trying to distract.

On the other hand, perhaps it could be used by a person -not- fighting...in sort of the same way as rescue is, to alleviate the damage done to a character who is fighting. In this way, it might be a useful skill for healer-type characters.


Kinch (distracted at the best of times)

PS It's good to see you're still around, Stick:)


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