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I would nominate Sandra!

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Posted by Densiva on 01/01

Why wouldnt Sandra seek to become an Imp of legendmud? Now theres an immort that knows how to take change, kickass and not take anybodies crap!

If anything Sandra's talents are prolly better spent on a mud of her own The lord knows it would be a tightly run ship, in a sea of chaos.



From: Zelda

Wednesday, November 26, 06:04AM Knows how to take change? I think the problem here is that half the players don't know how to take change.


From: Tyche

Wednesday, November 26, 07:22AM I have to agree with Zelda, too many people are afraid of change here.

From: Chocorua

Wednesday, November 26, 10:50PM Oh there is a mature and well thought out start to a discussion, do we start throwing rocks at each other next?

If you have a problem with someone, talk to them, talk to their dept head, if they are a dept head, talk to an imp, assuming that someone i san immortal. If they are a mortal yella t each other in teh same room, and if thast doesn solve it get an imm invoved if you have to. calling people names and dragging their name through the mud just to furthher make your point, which is continually "i hate legend"

it always amazes me just how much people who dislike everything about this place, spend time complaining.


From: Densiva

Monday, December 01, 02:52PM Blah! Your just a little more confused then ever Chocorua, i never dragged anybodies name through mud just to make a point and i havent Called anybody name's, and if people would stop running and hiding from me when im here i wouldnt bother using this board as my soapbox.

Further more, if i have a problem with anybody, i never wait to confront them about it. i gave up being afraid of immorts when i learned what being on was like.

Next time try and make a point, eh?


From: Imp_

Thursday, January 01, 01:12PM Did someone ask for an Imp?


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