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Posted by Zak on 01/13

From my last post it seems that people are of the opinion that mages have it really hard off because they have so many stat requirements. I ask then, why do fighters not have better stat requirements? One of the reasons this mud has inbalance in my opinion is that mages, when they achieve all of their reqs can have most of the fighting skills too. Why aren't fighting requirements higher than they are to restrict people from becoming fighter/mages. Why aren't their more specialized skills for just fighter types (besides sniper and rage, because these are pretty much) Just saying that I think there needs to be more of a separation between the types. (put in a few skills that require like 80 dex or 60 con..etc that are really neat and useful to use when fighting) I know there are a few presently like the expert/basic traning but even mages can have this with their one 100 fighting stat. It is possible for example for mages to get 100dex/mind 40con/spir/perc and 25 str. This enables them to be good fighters, have ac (increased by their spells if necessary) they can have choke without casting spells, and if not they can just cast str. I think classes are a lot easier to balance personally, I understand that legend is classless, but I think right now its too easy to make supermages and just okay fighters, although some stat combos do work nicely, just give fighters some cool skills. I hate to bring another mud 's setup into the discussion, but for example Duris has some very specialized fighting skills (like wielding two weapons at the same time..etc) that would be really cool and might help balance things. Okay I've rambled enough. Zak

From: Zak Wednesday, December 17, 12:16AM

I meant to say 80 dex and 60 con not or.

From: Ishtar Friday, December 19, 07:35AM

It is true that mages can aquire all of the fighting skills of ONE fighting stat in addition to their magic, however to get 3rd circle spells requires the sacrifice of the 2nd and 3rd high fighting stat fighters can have.

However, I think there is something in what you say, in that fighters seem to think they need 3 high stats to be equal to mages, and that is perhaps because they don't have anything quite as specialized as 3rd circle spells that mages have.

Some special fighting skills with high stat requirements that parallel 3rd circle mage spells might be a good idea. But the requirements to get them should be equivalent to what mages have to get for 3rd circle casting. ie most 3rd circle words have requirements in more than just two stats, so highly speclialized fighting skills should have requirements in more that two stats, and be a substitute for the idea that fighters nee to have 3 high stats to suceed, IMO. ie as mages have to lose some words, if they wanted to get a 3rd high stat, fighters could choose a 3rd high st or the specialized skills which would have hard requirement to meet.

That doesn't seem unreasonable to me....


From: Ryp Monday, December 29, 01:46AM

cant help feeling these bidders live in a different world.

From: Adobe Tuesday, January 13, 06:54PM

Unfortunately, Hafler, there are a few Pkillers who have no honor and would not think twice about such a dishonest deed... I mourn your loss, and suggest you look to the Order of the Secretives. An act like this seems right up their alley.


Adobe, 5th kyu of the Shotokai


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