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Posted by Lews on 01/22

I was thinking when i saw a mage drinking from an item that gives 30 mana when drunken from for a mere 6k rent. Why isn't there a simmilar item for fighters that heals hp? A mage can drink from this and heal all there mana, then heal themselves up with the mana and just refill again. I know my mage has filled himself up fully in around 5 to 10 min. I think its a great idea, but i do think that there should be this kind of item for the non-mage also...

-Lews Therin, The Dragon

From: Vengeance Monday, January 05, 06:10PM

that's what first aid is for =P -flourish- takes 5 - 10minutes & your fully healed.

From: Erodic Tuesday, January 06, 01:29AM

There is an item from which fighters can drink and regain hps. if you don't know about it yet, ask around :)

From: Fatale Tuesday, January 06, 02:50AM

There's also many more opportunities to heal hps, but very few to heal mana.

From: Dudley Tuesday, January 06, 07:45PM

anyone can learn meditate. there should be an equivalent for hps, not just for taran folks.

From: Lews Wednesday, January 07, 02:57PM

Hey, is that +hp while drinking container moveable? If so, i don't know of it.

-Lews TherinThe Dragon

From: Joachim Thursday, January 22, 04:14PM

realistically, poisoned bullets aren't any more deadly than non-poisoned ones.

(although, as ronnie said, when it's done, it's done by putting the poison in a hollow cavity in a soft-nosed bullet.)

of course, realistically buttlets do far more damage than they do on the mud, so who knows?


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