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Posted by Lagmonster on 02/08

After the fight system change, str did get better from before, but it still lacks majorly in order to compete player-to-player (at least for me)

Dexterity has backstab (1round delay, no bad effects, stun possible, extra damage), kick (2 round delay, no bad effects, damage), choke (2 round delay, possible bad effect--rarely observed, stun possible, extra damage), AC bonus, Flee bonus, +Hit bonus, throw bonus (i think, tho not sure), more items in inventory, and dodge/tumble.

Constitution has warcry (2 round delay, no significant bad effects in pk, stun possible, damage), headbutt (2 round delay, set to sit on failure, stun). In addition there is hp/mv

For strength, there is only +damroll (very easily counter balanced with cr sit on failure,... I think str needs at least one skill that has no set to sit on failure, an that can stun, and that can't be tumbled... it's ridiculous failing bashes on ppl that have less than half the strength we have, whereas headbutt lands pretty co consistently..

really, we can only bash. even that is very risky, cuz of the 3 round delay on a success, a sit AND a 2 round delay on failure.

Something akin to kick, or even choke would be nice, just something ONE skill makes it pretty darn predictable, and when you only need some dex and some semblence of str to get away, not to mention have a guar anteed revenge afterwards--we are stuck waiting the 3rd round while they c can choke/warcry/head/kick/stun or whatever they please.. this simply doesnt work.

oh yeah, add to that bash wakes ppl from stuns so we can only wait whereas the dex fighter can kick away for extra damage, or choke away keeping us stunned...

well, that's enough for now. will write more when i can actually see what i am writing.


From: Mandrake Wednesday, January 07, 09:31PM

Mmm, I'd like to see choke switched to str and dex given trip instead which could do the obvious (like bash) but could also give a chance of stun from landing hard.

From: Typ Friday, January 09, 01:34PM

I think if it is possible, that armwrestle which was discussed to go in under skilltrees should be a str skill to go in sooner than the implementation of skill trees maybe with a possible option of pinning someone down, incapaci- tating them for a round.

From: Psytrac Sunday, January 11, 09:02PM

thanks to running out of pracs, i've been playing this dex/perc with one combat skill, kick. Kick is great, except, it really sucks not having an alternative, and makes gameplay rather boring. But at least i can lvl and learn choke. However, str chars are stuck with bash their entire life unless they choose another stat to go with that.. Even con has more than just headbutt... add another darn skill to str.

From: Erodic Sunday, February 08, 03:58PM

also, it's bathe with you in the sea.


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