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Posted by Arsene on 01/12

Any chance of a KNOWLEDGABLE immort, i.e. Rufus or Ea! could hold an arkenstone style lecture on the fight system any time soon. This system was supposed to be stable before pk went in, but appare ntly not. If we are going ot have changes it will be nice to kniw what they are, and how the system now works.

From: Rufus Saturday, January 10, 07:51AM

What's going on now are relatively minor tweaks compared to replacing the system as a whole.

As for an arkenstonish type lecture, no, there was way too much information given in that lecture, actually tampered with game play a bit (notice, if you were around back then, mobs seemed to get way tougher afterwards? we had to compensate).

I will say this though, even knowing the system, and having access to looking at the exact numbers it uses, my morts are still about middle of the road, not better and not worse than the majority.

Basically, take arkenstone's lecture, and anything that seems way out of whack (high perception overcoming hitroll tables, dex being the core of every stat, damroll not doing a damned thing, etc) we've flattened out.

Everything has an affect on the combat system now. If you favor one or two stats, you're losing out on other advantages, if you load up with damroll, you're likely not to have as high a hitroll, or as many hps, if you're armor'd to the nines, you've probably given up a few crucial stat points that could alter how your character does in combat.

I've been thinking a lot about what's been said about the fight system... mostly the complaints and the declarations... "Such and such a fighter is the best", "well, I'm such and such and I suck!" "yeah well, a such and such fighter kicked my butt the other day!" "no this is the best" ... the mere fact that no one can come to a coherent consensus as to what's best to play is as much a testimonial to a system that's approaching balanced as anything else.

The question is no longer 'which character is best' it's more of a question of 'which character is best for what.'

The only thing I don't see happening is druids standing out in pkill... yet...


From: Rufus Saturday, January 10, 08:08AM

And 'stable' does not mean 'stagnant'. Is legend ever going to stop changing? Only when the day comes when the plug is pulled.

As far as stability, we've crashed twice in the last week or so. Much better than the three to five times a day not to long ago. Many thanks to Gail for her contributions towards this =P


From: Typ Sunday, January 11, 01:49AM

(refering to end of rufus' first append)


hmmm, give us more spi skills! druids of old could shapechange and such that would make playing this character more interesting (if that is possib i'm sure a lot of other spi skills could be worked out too. even spi/mind or spi/con etc skills. I really think more skills should have higher reqs in combination. would help give specific char types more unique skill (kinda like trees i spose so i'll just be quiet)

From: Rufus Monday, January 12, 06:09PM


I am working on at least one new skill, as soon as I can get approval to put it in I will. Still needs some minor tweaking, and it's not hugely important, but it would give druids the ability to 'mix' potions together, so you could make your own multiple affect potions and carry them around for less rent than three single potions and less weight.



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