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rewards for 100 million exp

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Posted by Alvis on 01/17

It has been almost a year since I last saw any discussion about the rewards of reaching 100 million exp. The last word I heard from the immorts was that they were still deciding on what to give people with 100 million exp. Since then the only thing that has happend to change what you get with 100 million exp is the new whois line. That makes it so that there are only three things that 100 million give you.

1. being able to unclan

2. the nifty whois line

3. a negative exp to level instead of a positive exp to level

I think there is a problem here. If the immorts only ment the whois line to be a short term fix, ok then. If not, then I think there needs to be something else in addition to the current rewards. Here are my ideas ti fix the current situation, and if I understand what immorts have said in the past correctly, please put your own ideas here too so that the immorts will have a lot of ideas to play with and maybe implement. Any way here is my list.

1. Allow player who hit 100 million exp to get some sort of specalized string. This in not a request for coupons for 100 million exp people, but rather a way to give people a specalized string

1A. Allow players to chose a name off of a set list(something similar to what Gail and Sabella did with their casino games) to have things strung as.

1B. Allow players to have one of their items strung to what ever they want but somehow containing their name(i.e. for me wielded Alvis' Giant Carrot). part of the prize with this idea could be that even if a person DTs they can get the string again because it will have their in the string. I said this idea once before and someone commented that people would just hide their eq and string all of their eq with their name in it, so to limit this occurance you couls make it so that only one location( like the weapon slot) could get the weapon.

1C. Let a specific immort be responsible for "picking out" a string for each character to reach 100 million exp. The immort would make a string for each character based on thats character role play.

2. Give players who hit 100 million exp a special title( like the expies one) or special long/short description.

These are my ideas, please append with yours and if we get enough good ideas the immorts might put some of them in.



From: Kari Thursday, January 15, 02:57PM

How about... um... a coupon for a life?


From: Eol Thursday, January 15, 07:07PM

Having gotten a couple chars to that point, I'd like to see some statistic al advantage ro somoe kind of increae of ability that a character can achieve for work.

this isnt a mud based on training up stats or what not, but char generation shouldnt stop at 50, especially since attaining lvl 50 is really easy, and so many people take advantage of their firends to lvl them and then do nothing while those who use their characters to continually fight, adjust to the changes etc, and improve themselves should receive some reward.

It also makes since that the more you fight the better you become.

From: Mandrake Thursday, January 15, 08:52PM

I'd be gone in an instant if i had to hit 100 mil xp for my character to be as good as others in pkill.

From: Rufus Thursday, January 15, 09:48PM

Careful when you say 'getting to 50 is easy.' Imms here those kind of things. We like to hear those kind of things. Allows us to let go of our sadistic side.


From: Bulk Friday, January 16, 01:25AM

i don't think it's ever going to be possible (like, reasonably) to make reaching a certain lvl hard, without making it repetitive and rather uninteresting.

being a stat-based mud, nothing (with my dumb fighters) really changes once you hit lvl 20 or so, and have couple decent fighting skills at your arsenal.. after that it's just all cosmetics and grouping, socializing, pkilling, whatnot. I think we need more skills 35+, or give improvement on them by lvls, i.e--decreasing skill delay as you lvl.

Since we don't want to give any advantages to those who spend mor(that'll do what, make ppl live with one char? dunno) but still reward them somehow, why notgrant them certain non-advantageous perks, say, access to skills that might beneficial to us all, fix woodens, make leather bandages, grant them DT immunity, guarateed housing (free, if that ever goes in) old-code-style bags, string skill (given they have coupons?

100mil xp is worth at least not having to wait for a PR imm :P) , ability to create a channel (even exclusive, that might only show up to ppl on their befriend list), a clanhall of sorts for them, with a board to discuss in-game stuff usually banned from other boards... at least one of these ideas could be used.

i hope.

Bulk. (who personally hasnt ever reached 100mil on one char yet)

From: Kyla Friday, January 16, 05:43AM

I definatly don't think reaching 50 is easy...

Kyla Everhate (still working on getting to 50 and is a year old)

From: Mandrake Friday, January 16, 06:55AM

It sure takes a lot longer if clanned and others know it.

Unfortunately you should always try to hit 50 before getting involved in pkill..

From: Paddy Friday, January 16, 07:37AM

I never have found it easy to get to lv 50. But then, I level myself..-shr

From: Croaker Friday, January 16, 10:07AM

Here's a suggestion:

Instead of asking for the immorts to give you something when you reach 100 million xp, why don't the players give themselves something?

Form a group (even a clan if you wish). Call it the Legend Council or something, and make 100 mill xp a prerequisite (the only prerequisite) to join. Meet monthly, decide on an agenda of things that are important to you as a group (this might be player's rights issues, RP issues, how to improve the mud, etc.) and then either do those things yourself, or lobby for immorts to do them if they are beyond the realm of player's abilities. Players are always asking to have more of a voice, and such a council, could provide a powerful lobbying tool since the immorts must recognize that these are longterm, dedicated players (otherwise they never would have reached 100 mill).

In addition, this would make a great incentive to reach that magical number and could become a powerful reward for that accomplishment. All I have to do is reach 100 mill, and I'm on the council! I might even get one of my characters there to join such a group :)


From: Sin Friday, January 16, 11:50AM

I have played here almost 5 years now, and have NEVER had character to lev argh! I _HATE_ line too long.

anyway, I have played here almost 5 years now, and have NEVER had a charac

bah, forget it.

From: Lews Friday, January 16, 02:55PM

i must say, who cares if the council is made of level 50's with 50mil or 100 mil. Whatever it is i doubt our voice will be taken that seriously. The fact is, both sides are biased for the most part, imms wanting to make it challenging, sometimes too challenging, and morts wanting it to be too easy. The imms don't listen and maybe its better that way. -shrug- good luck deciding on what to do with those 100mil people.

-Lews Therin, The Dragon

From: Arsene Friday, January 16, 09:55PM

Imms dont listen to players they do what they want, always have always will, they know the system and what happens to change it , not us, and well no on elistens to us anyway so why waste our time to for m a group. If you want us to have a group tell us what power and input we get beforehand.

From: Rufus Friday, January 16, 10:05PM

If the imms didn't listen to players, I doubt this mud would have ever made it off of bashful.

I'm beginning to wonder whether it should have.


From: FairfaxII Saturday, January 17, 12:52AM

Anyways, back to the original thread.. how about a one-off chance for a level 50 to unlearn all the skills he doesn't need anymore (with all the recent changes, quite a few of us are stuck with skills which are not quite appropriate for our stat configurations. The chance to regain all those practices wasted on skills learnt in newbie ignorance which were pretty useless (Such as chant for a London character, and to a lesser extent, herblore for Agrabah characters) will undoubtedly make 100 million something to REALLY look forward to. A con fighter could regain a practice to learn headbutt, a str fighter could learn bash, and maybe those poor old mages could regain a practice for RUDH.

Fairfax the Second

From: Bulk Saturday, January 17, 03:00AM

LOVELY idea. unlearning. AWESOME. :P

as an ex-2nd-create-spam mage, that would just make my day i would love to ditch chant and every other word i learned :P


From: CLeo Saturday, January 17, 07:22AM

Re: Alvis.

idea 1-> I think it is a good idea. Getting 3...5.. millions exp points can be acheived somewhat shortly if you are in a group. But getting 100mil exp? Hmm you don't do that in a few hours It takes time, and the effort (I think) should be rewarded with some string (like Alvis mentioned).

But one thing I do not like is the idea of the imms choosing the actual string. If they do, would we have say if yes or no we like it and want the one they choose for us? Or would we be stuck with something we don't necessarely like?

idea 2-> Special title....

I have suggested this months ago, and hasn't been done -peers upward-. Doing those would certenaly not be hard to do. At 100mil exp, a title besides the name in the who/whos list. at -10mil exp another one.. etc ect.

All of this could be done with flags to prevent players from requesting same thing twice... (talking mostly about string). So if someone reached 100mil exp they would have a flag (like now) that says he/she has reached 100mil exp. And get another flag that would be something like has_not_received_prize Once the person would have had his string, the flag would change to has_receive_prize

So, even if the person would go down in exp and then get back to 100mil exp, it would not matter cause the mud would check if he/she has the receive_prize flag already... and not give it if so.

About the council thing. I do like the idea very much (although not 100mil exp, I am very close). But it's like so many players said before...

Would what the council say be ignored? (like alot that seems to be ignored quite often) Or would we be heared... and our suggestions taken seriously (therefor taking somekind of action)

Now, don't get me wrong, I do not mean to twist the knife in. I just want to have a guaranty that this council would actualy be worth being built. Is that something the immortal can give us? A guaranty.. a promise?

I really like the council idea, but if it's only there to be there and not being heared.. well.. hmm no use into starting it ya know.

CLeo of the Circle of Angels

A long time 50th leveler majorly bored


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