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Posted by Gaebrel on 01/17

mmm.... good point.

what exactly is there left to do after the 100 mil xp? nope, nothing. and imagine the monotony of all those xp runs that will take to get there.

a council of super chars will help, but making requests to imms doesn't guarantee a fulfillment of those requests. Especially when it comes to implementing features that might be tough to code into a MUD.

What would be nice would be a council that implements a sort of player code of ethics and stuff. Something like a clan but with a higher power enforced by imms? bah. i'm beginning to think i'm babbling.

omigosh. i AM babbling.

oh well. enough then.

From: CLeo Saturday, January 17, 08:05AM

no, makes sence

From: Croaker Saturday, January 17, 11:18AM

The cynical among you are right... if you form a council to act as a glorified way to beg for ways to make your characters more powerful, the people in charge are unlikely to listen. If you have constructive thoughts, however, they will certainly receive some attention.

For example, say a council was formed of a group of players who had reached 100 mill xp and were therefore known to be long-term players who are undoubtedly knowledgeable about the game and presumably would have the best interests of the game at heart.

If they met and advanced the suggestion that everyone should be able to string their own equipment, we would likely politely turn down that request. If, however, they met and asked for somehting like, say, a roll of bandages weighing one kg so you could peel off bandages and not have to carry 10 million at once, then, hmmm, we might listen and implement it, especially if it came from such a group.

My thoughts on such a council were not that it necessarily be a forum for asking for stuff from the immortal (the idea so many people jumped on), but rather that the players could use it to improve things on the mud themselves, without immort intervention or with limited help when necessary. Actions such as organization of RP events, newbie outreach programs, suggestions on ways to improve the mud would be more in the line of what I was thinking. If such a council came to me and wanted some minor imm help with a RP plot, I would be much more likely to spend my limited time helping than if it was an individual.

And, of course, if the council asked for something, like, say, for instance, titles for its members, I'd be willing to bet it would be considered much more readily than a suggestion posted to this board by a single player.


From: Typ Saturday, January 17, 01:03PM

It seems that many of the players already know what they want, but have been turned down in the past. so why form a group if what they want will just be turned down again. I think it might be fun, but like all things you need someone who will organize such a thing, a leader if you will, because I don't see many '51's out there really caring about rp/outreach programs/etc. if they want to still play they usually just make another character. People are just asking for something else to aim for so they can continue to feel like they are special upon reaching '51'. But we wouldn't want players that put so much hard work into the mud to be better in any way. That would just make everyone else jealous now and might even unbalance the mud. -sigh- i don't see why rewarding a person in a way that would not unbalance pkill situations is not a viable option. give them skills that make their life easier but can be accomplished by everyone else with more work. like fixing woodens as someone mentioned earlier. THere are a lot of things that could be given them.

whatever, i'm sick of arguing for things. I'll just wait for skilltrees i spose.

From: Arsene Saturday, January 17, 01:56PM

wait wait wait.


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