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Posted by Ronnie on 01/18

Okay, several thoughts crossed my mind on this one. Me and Derek collaborated to come up with the following suggestions:

1.Head Shot (or something like that) Sneak up behind your target and shoot him in the back of the head. fail, and he sees you trying to do it and get caught, the target gets combat initiative.

2.Steady: Calms nerves for better aim success. 3.Quick Fire: Lets you try and shoot all rounds in a gun as quick as possible. if it fails, gun explodes

4. Auto Reload: When a gun is empty, this would automatically reload it. I If it fails, you would drop the gun

Just some thoughts to make Gunplay more worthwhile

Ronnie, the eternally braindead

From: Derek Sunday, January 18, 04:36PM

I second Ronnie's notion. We've both been spending a lot of time swearing at our firearms due to bad aim, and besides that, there just doesn't seem to be as many cool options for gun-users that there could (or should) be. Neither of us wants to sound like a whiner, but it seems that the technological arts have nothing on the ancient ones (namely magic.) I mean, who knows, some innovative inventor in the 1800's COULD have invented the .357 Magnum...ya never know.

Once again, just suggestions.

-Derek, the other guy.

From: Erodic Sunday, January 18, 08:34PM

Of course, head shot will hav no realism if you hit and doesn't ID the person...


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