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Posted by Kinch on 01/21

Just a quick question about the new clan system that I don't think was dealt with in the LT/help files docs.

Will the new system allow a character to be a member of more than one clan simultaneously?

I was wondering if this would be especially useful in the case of non-pkill clans - that way a character could be a member of a clan that was more general (eg "Newbie Advisors", "Concerned Residents of London" but also allow him/her to be a member of a more specific clan at the same time.

Having to chose one clan only at a given point in time might unnecessarily limit the amount of healthy involvement a character has with the mud.

Being allowed to be a member of more than one clan simultaneously might also have some interesting "political" ramifications - infiltrations, betrayals, coups etc. This doesn't seem to clash with the concept of clans being player controlled - and would make pkill all the more interesting. (I should point out that I'm not PK, so PKillers please comment).

The other thing is that I think I read somewhere that clans would be limited to 15 characters. If this is a memory issue or something, fair enough - otherwise I think it might be interesting to have unlimited numbers of clan members.

If a character has the political skill or charisma to sweep the mud off it's feet with a new clan, well then, long live the revolution! (They never last long). This would certainly keep the other clans on their toes. I have a feeling that any good GM would work out that having "too" powerful a clan eventually turns the whole mud against him/her. Things return to normal after a while....

As usual, this is only an idea. I'd appreciate any feedback, comments criticisms etc.


From: Kinch Monday, January 19, 09:46AM

Hmmm...or was it clan -names- were limited to fifteen characters?

From: Croaker Monday, January 19, 11:50AM

My understanding of how this will work (when the other elements of the system such as player housing go in) is that an individual character may only belong to one clan (RP or PK) at a time. This is because clan membership will be linked to priveledges such as entering clan housing. You can of course be a friend of many clans and a de facto member (such as exists now with RP clans) but the actual clanbit allowing you the priviledges of that clan will only be set for one clan. I am sure there are other considerations as well, but this is what I understand :)


From: Sandra Monday, January 19, 12:15PM

I'll comment on the character limit, since Croaker explained the question concerning multiple clans.

The 15 max limit was put into effect to enable other clans to balance out. And to give the members and the GMs something to push for. No longer can you just join a clan and disappear. If the GM wants, they' will remove you. We can raise the 15 member limit, if it seems that clans are filling up quickly, but for now. It seems things are going along fine in the pk sector as far as this is concerned.

Having unlimited numbers of members would cause some clans to have 20+ members and some barely staying at 5, which, to me, is an imbalance.

Clan members need to work for their position in their clan, especially if that clan is full. Which is how it should be.


From: Bulk Tuesday, January 20, 07:51PM

'join a clan and disappear' uhm. doh.

From: Tancred Wednesday, January 21, 10:28AM

"Join a clan and disappear" happens more often than I like to think of - and there you are, as a clan leader, RP or pkill or both, having little hold on who your clanmates are, where they are, what they can do, what the clan as such can do, and what the entire clan wants to do with itself and its future -

and the answer you get from those vanished ones...

Hey! I was busy.

I truly like the idea of a 15 members limit simply because this will force the master as well as the 'ordinary' members to keep on their toes, to strive to maintain the privilege it is to be a "Concerned Citizen of London or whatever.

Power to active people! Oblivion to those whose loyalty drops as their levels rise.

From: Jen-Creature Wednesday, January 21, 06:04PM

Ok, I'm not sure I like the idea of having to choose either an RP clan or a PK clan...or maybe I just don't get it since I haven't been around much lately and missed the explanation of the new system. The question I have is this: can you have one PK enabled char who is in a PK clan and a separate, non-pk char who is in an RP clan? Or do you need to forfeit one for the other? I have this char and another pk enabled char at the moment, and I would appreciate an answer. Thanks!


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