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Posted by Andrea on 02/06


in my opinion the gag-command should be removed again ok it may be useful if anybody is bothering you with requests to help level or to get xp...

but if you want to buy something via auction, and then if you can get that object and if you want to tell the seller i will come there or he/she should come to you or whatever you want to tell him/her buy he/she gag'ed you and ignores you ... and if you say via auction that he/she please disable that ignore coz you want to tell him/her something and he/she still ignores you ... hey then i can only say ok i ll ignore anybody too ...

and i think other people may have the same thought -shrug-

hmm ... till now this mud was rather friendly, but that command will cause that it will become unfriendlier ... as soon as more people will ignore people coz they are ignored...

hope you understand my bad english,sorry


From: Laurana Wednesday, January 21, 10:26AM

i don't think the gag command should be removed, i haven't used it myself (yet) but in auctions i would be surprised if something as you just described happened. If it did, the seller wouldn't have his/her own interests at heart anyways :)

-Laurana. yes i can ramble and make no sense -strut-

From: Mandrake Wednesday, January 21, 10:34AM

I haven't used it either.. but only cos you can't "gag all".

From: Lagmonster Thursday, January 22, 01:11AM

I use it to gag certain ppl i recognize as those mock-newbies wanting nothing but xp and stuff, but even then, it's only against 1 or 2 ppl. It's really nice not being bothered by them mid-combat, etc...

From: Darkanion Friday, February 06, 09:53PM

I too have used it in other forms. 3 times on the same person, who was whining about levelling and such, and just wouldn't leave me alone. One reason why I like it. BUT I have also had a person or two gag me, who have taken personal offence to some type of RP I am involved in. This I do not agree with at all. How can I explain to someone that I "grinned evilly at them" cause that's my character, and not that I want them to die RL, if they gag me?

My 2 cents.



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