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Alright for blindness but...

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Posted by Egami on 01/31

-bow- I see no problem in having blindness and other spells like that last when renting, but since it give a too powerful advantage to mages why not having finally the Cure Critical spell be a lag spell. Speaking as a pkiller, I see this new code as a total domination of mages in Pkill which is not acceptable.

my 500 yens.

Egami Shalizar, the Kagemusha.

From: Lupus Sunday, January 25, 03:47AM

I do agree with Egami. And overall all other healing skills are lagged..

From: Mandrake Monday, January 26, 03:33AM

-shrug- it seems to have 1 round lag on it, it's not as if u can spam cure crits while fighting, i'd say most would at least a bunch of rooms b4 using it, adding more lag would only have them go to clan hall or something. (i do that anyway if i'm near a trans mob)

From: Destiny Wednesday, January 28, 11:52AM

cure critical does have skill lag... quit your bitching...

From: Celia Saturday, January 31, 08:33AM

Geeez, I guess Egami just made a mistake. I think you should learn some manners =P


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