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Posted by Bodhi on 02/03

Umm i just noticed that you can see who a person is if they are using a description via whois as it was standard before. How are you supposed to find out who has just attacked you or who it was who stole from you? Like I have a desc. which only a very few chars know. Then i could toggle it on and blind/stun/steal/harass whatever without killing the char, flee and toggle name back on and noone would be able to say that it was I who did it ... except mayby if i harass and some imm gets involved. Point is that its not so smart that one cant find out who is hiding behind the description. Is there another way of detecting who is who without being in the same room?? Or Are we to start keeping our descriptions secret and only use then to bother others or whatever we please?? Mayby im takins this to far, but i still think its a bad change. Bodhi Campeador the Confused .. was that Robert or Leevelti?? [Knight of Legend]

From: Lori Wednesday, January 28, 01:00PM

Oh gee, guess what? That's how it was BEFORE whois! I seem to remember that we did just fine then, btw. Hunt , kick DOES work. And to be honest, I find the above less of a problem than people doing this: "whois blue" "Oh look, Lori has alot of whois flags!" "Tellspam Lori asking dumb questions." You've been spoiled by the whois command bug(yep, bug, how 'bout that?), now you get to figure out away around it. Lori, still old, still grumpy

From: Kaige Wednesday, January 28, 01:01PM

I'd think you'd find out who people were the same way people found out who people were before whois went in. Ask around. Whois was never intended as a long distance "uncover this person's identity command. It was and should only be a way to see the achievements of someone. People had fits when the ability to whois mobs was removed. They lived. They lived with descriptions before whois, and likely will now as well. -Kaige

From: Soulcatcher Wednesday, January 28, 01:46PM never mind - I was going to write a post arguing against this new imposition from above, but you cant argue with 'It was like that before, so it should be now' attitudes from old players/immorts. You'll just be ignored, because you don't count unless you're one of them.

From: Erodic Wednesday, January 28, 05:20PM

actually, people would often find out by using the tell command e.g. 'tell wicked ____"

From: Pegasus Saturday, January 31, 05:48AM

:I'd think you'd find out who people were the same way people found out :who people were before whois went in. Ask around. Yeah, but back then you were also able to send tells to descs, which can't be done anymore. And Lori, people don't need your desc to whois you and harass you for help on the quests you've done, thats what the who list is for ;) Peg

From: Lori Friday, January 30, 01:45PM

Well, yeah, still get pestered by the who list, but if you have your desc on and are standing in an inn, they can't 'whois lass' or 'whois blue' to bug anymore.

And personally, I never sent tells to descs to see who was who, so I don't miss that either. :P Nor do I miss the Soandso tells you, 'test' that I often got because of it.


From: Sundance Tuesday, February 03, 09:03AM

I personally think that who and tells should be removed Now wouldnt that make playing here more real , oh and perhaps do away with chat too :)

Just an idea.

Sir Sundance


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