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Stun spell needs definite rewrite!

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Posted by Sho on 01/30

Its alright that stun spells don't get a perma 6 round stun and that is totally cool, but the way stuns are now you might as well get rid of "worse for wear line" in pkill. Im sure asmodean and many other mages will agree that a "worse for wear stun" doesn't even last as long as a round, it is the equivalent of a normal stun.

I suggest that mages who get a worse for wear stun should get a guaranteed 2 round stunner if they get a worse for wear...

i was totally amazed when i got a worse for wear stun on nosferatu, and then i attacked and it said he was "stunned but will recover" and all of a sudden at that same instant with no shaking his head or jumping out of a daze, he headbutts me...

that has definitely got to be fixed!

From: Rufus Friday, January 30, 07:03PM

The message code for waking has a bug in it.


From: Psytrac Friday, January 30, 10:40PM

squish it!


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