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Str Fighters and bows/guns

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Posted by Grumble on 02/08

Basically the problem is this: If you are a str fighter and are wieldeding a str weapon, you can't hold a bow/gun or anything I have 80 perc 82 dex and 80 str right now and I can't wear a skyblade and a short bow. (nothing else just a skyblade and my hands are full). This is a bit unfair. A SHORT bow!

From: Dudley Thursday, February 05, 03:16PM

guess you'll have to find a lighter str weapon, something you can wield single-handed. Maybe you need more str, who knows.

From: Erodic Thursday, February 05, 11:34PM

Um, Grumble... try to hold a huge, heavy sword and a bow at the same time. you'll find it much more difficult than holding a dagger and bow.

From: Lagmonster Friday, February 06, 12:45AM

last i checked, you could wield a huge weapon AND hold a boat at the same time. :P

From: Grumble Friday, February 06, 02:21AM

a) i can wield the weapons i'm talking about in one hand

b) i was since told that its con that determines this and i need to get my con up about 20 more points to be able to do this.

c) just look at con fighters with their huge staves (quaterstaves and such and yet they can wield it and the bows. Don't give me realism in one respect and then say, but these people are exceptions.

From: Rufus Friday, February 06, 04:13AM

whoever told you con is way wrong.

it's not just the weight of the items that count, it's also the sizes of the items. The skyblade is about the equivalent of being 3 to 4 feet long, and a shortbow about the same. These are also factors in how much one can hold in their (sometimes seeminly) three hands.

As far as the quarterstaves, most are small and lightweight in terms of game-numbers.


From: Arsene Sunday, February 08, 07:30PM

Nod, but some things are strange in weight, say for instance a vial, used to be no matter what you carried as a little dex weapon you couldnt use a big gun and a vial ( a little vial) yet you could hold lots of other items


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