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fix choke!

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Posted by Mandrake on 02/17

-point topic- it's totally screwed!

From: Celia Wednesday, December 17, 05:52AM

Funny, I thought I remembered people complaining not long ago that choke was useless and a waste of a practice.... You better clarify in what way you think it is 'screwed', or it might get changed in the opposite direction to what you want :) Choke does seem to be quite powerful now. I am getting more stuns with choke than with warcry, though admittedly my dex is slightly higher than my con.....

From: Arsene Wednesday, December 17, 09:41AM

just because you can use a dex skill? fix it, but dont screw it. make it a dex to dex compare with chance to knowck out, an the one round attck for a successful choke like headbutt. Taking out choke, well, will just lead ot more generic str con fighters.

From: Mandrake Wednesday, December 17, 09:54AM

It's just way overpowered, I don't think i've died to anything but chokes my last 10 or so deaths and I have 100 con! If i wake from the 1st one it seems to only take 1 or 2 attempts to be knocked out again.. I agree with Arsene, it should give a single round stun.

From: Ea! Wednesday, December 17, 10:05AM

Done. -Ea!

From: Arsene Wednesday, December 17, 10:12AM

we'll see, imm fixes arent always what they seem.

From: Mina Wednesday, December 17, 07:38PM

Does choke still have a chance of full tick stuns like headbutt or does de dex suck horribly compared to everything else once again? Mina /s

From: Mandrake Wednesday, December 17, 09:28PM

I guess the only way to please all, or at least the majority is to leave long stuns in against mobs, remove it totally from all skills and spells if vs a PC and/or consider replacing for example the check on a targets stats with level or none at all. (dex vs str/con on choke isn't real easy to balance when a PC may have 40 con 40 str and a mob has 100/100)

From: Stick Thursday, December 18, 01:01AM

-nod Mina- I hope you didn't take out the chance for choke to stun for the whole tick. Warcry and headbutt does, if I'm not mistaken. IMO choke should have both a chance for a round and a tick stun, and if possible with different messages, like headbutt. Stick, who doesn't want dex to be downgraded again either.

From: Paddy Thursday, December 18, 01:25AM

It's a bit strange you know.. pkillers complain about a skill, choke in this case, and it's immediately fixed according to their wishes..don't those of us who are totally uninterested in pkill deserve some consideration too? I agree with Mandrake, make the effects different toward PC and NPC.. After all, Legend is -not- a pkill Mud, we have an option if we want participate in pkill or not.. So why should everyone else suffer only because of pkill complaints, even if they are not interested in pkill and want nothing to do with it?! Paddy, a con druid without choke :P

From: Celia Thursday, December 18, 02:31AM

Btw, is there any reason why we can't use choke while mounted? Doesn't it only take one arm? In any case, a skilled horseback rider makes minimal use of the reins to control a horse (as anyone who has had riding lessons from a good instructor would know).

Would be nice if each fighter type had at least one skill which could be u mounted.


From: Dudley Tuesday, February 17, 05:22PM

It is pretty darn hard for non-str fighters to hit damcap, even against a stunned opponent while raging, wielding a heavy brahman AND 30 damroll. However, str fighters can hit damcap with just (:P) 35 damroll, bash/rage and a claw, so they definately do more damage.

Also, str/con weapons (heavy ones) will damage, but will stay at slightly damaged for a long time, whereas a wormy can go to falling apart in like 5 rounds, and depending on the fight, scrap, even.

The thing with stun is that it is also quite nice defensively if you have the right initiative, something con fighters should only have as a means to actually hit stuff, and dex fighters as a means to do damage. I guess things would be fairer if there was a con stun-type thing that wil have the same effect for the stunned (easier to hit, damage, etc.) without taking away their ability to hit back, like the headbutt with a 'wrong' initiative. :P

STR fighters might need the other half of the stun, that works like a 2nd initiative headbutt, without the easier to hit, double damage part. Heck, not even sure if dex fighters need any of the stuns, they do so well without either, just backstabbling/fleeing, or kicking/shooting, whatever.


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