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Posted by Acestes on 01/16

Why has dip recently been changed? It's kind of useless now, and the spell affect doesn't last long either, making it even more so. I'm not posting what was changed, because my post would probably be yanked off of the board for it. Is there any plans to change it again?

- a disgruntled archer.

From: Rufus Tuesday, December 30, 09:43AM

Dip was always supposed to extract potions when it was used. the affects last a random 4 to 8 ticks, which, in game terms, is 2 to 4 hours. In the course of 4 to 8 ticks, approximately 20, probably more shots could be fired, even with aiming. Since brew has a 100% effective spell chance, so do the arrows, so every time you do hit, that is one use of the spell. For 15 mana? I'd say it's pretty darned useful.


From: Acestes Thursday, January 01, 12:42AM

Hmm, what about potions with multiple spells? If an arrow were to be dipped into a potion, shouldn't it retain all effects that the potion produces? I've also noticed some potions don't produce any spells on arrows once dipped, is this a bug?

From: Rufus Thursday, January 01, 07:54AM

It would require adding more 'statistic slots' to objects, since the way bows are coded, they have to contain all the information for how much damage is done, what the chances are for misfiring, what ammo type it uses, etc, I only had enough of those slots to accept one affect per shot fired. Increasing the total number of slots is something that would be a royal pain in the patoot, not really worth the effort globally, and is a bit of unneeded memory overhead.

As far as spells not working, I know that there are a few spells whose affect text doesn't show but the potions still have affects. I'd need to know specifics as I'm in the process of fixing all of these.

From: Acestes Saturday, January 03, 10:55PM

Well, its not really to do with dip, but more so to do with ignite. After the affect of ignite wears off of a quiver, the quiver remains to be (Flaming), i know its not much of a bug, and i've ignored it, but it should no longer appear to be (Flaming) after it wears off, right?

From: Erodic Friday, January 16, 11:00PM

hey, didn't i append tto this board?

i thought i wrote a message about getting someone a map of the world... maybe it disappeared...


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