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Posted by Mandrake on 01/23

Can't go OOC with detect hidden or invis, flying and others, Why? It's just a pain in the neck having to rent off all spells not to mention a waste of mana. I gotta live OOC to preserve my chalice damnit!

Another thing, why is it you can't rent if the innkeeper is sleeping yet you can go OOC?

Mandrake--who's 100 mind stun spell is now useless against even low mind pkillers.. (6/6 tumbled so far!!)

From: Rufus Wednesday, January 07, 06:02AM

the ooc was not intended to preserve in-game items.


From: Acestes Thursday, January 08, 11:45AM

And what of the REAL topic at hand?

From: Rufus Thursday, January 08, 02:54PM

The ooc is not meant to allow preserving of timed in-game affects

That means spells.


From: Typ Friday, January 09, 01:31PM

what about the str spell then? you can go ooc with that on?

From: Lagmonster Friday, January 23, 12:30PM



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