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Posted by Mandrake on 01/10

From: Mandrake Thursday, January 08, 11:19AM

I was testing the fight system with someone earlier and while the overall result seemed to balance out ok, I find it hard to understand how these results came about..

I'm lvl 50, he was 46, my AC was better by about 5, my damroll was better by 1. I'm con, he was dex/perc. The strange part is that we hit each other pretty much equally.. like 12/12 or 11/12 most the time. He somehow managed to do around 50% more damage?

Are dodged attacks excluded from the # of attacks that connect on screen or is it perhaps some wacky system where one deals out more or is hit by less damage simply because of dex bypassing hitroll and AC altogether?? -confused-

From: Mandrake Thursday, January 08, 11:38AM

Or perhaps is it that us con fighters are actually hitting less often than it shows on screen just to shut us up about them 2/12 rounds against a stunned target? -grin-

From: Rufus Thursday, January 08, 02:56PM

dodges are shown as misses, parries are not.


From: Rufus Thursday, January 08, 02:56PM

Lemme take that back, hrm, not sure why it's showing up like that although the level difference will have the majority to do with it (the hitting equally, that is). As far as the damroll, that's mainly a function of random numbers. a damroll difference of 1 is negligable.

From: Rufus Friday, January 09, 12:13PM

After looking at the code I can say that blocked shots show up as 'hits' in the # of attacks line. It is possible that someone could hit with 18 attacks and no damage done to high dex/perc char. (possible, highly improbable).

From: Rufus Friday, January 09, 09:55PM

Okay, I found the result as to why players hit players so often (or so it appears). There are actually 2 'hit rolls' made every time somoene swings at someone else (not really, but that's the easist way to explain it). "Blocked" shots show as 'hits' in multiple attacks because technically, the shot still hits the armor.

The first roll calculates whether or not the attack defeats the actual AC (with the ac of the equipment calculated) if that doesn't succeed, a second evaluation is made on the character's AC less the bonus given by items (so basically, 100 - whatever bonuses from dex and perception). If that hits it's considered a 'hit' in the "You attack 8 times and hit x" line, however, no damage results from the shot as the armor absorbs the damage.

Since dex players tend to have higher natural AC's, they are inclined to block more shots. The natural ac of people with low dex is much lower (invert lower and higher in the last two sentences, by 'lower' I mean worse, or more towards 100), so that they will actually take damage from more 'hit' shots, blocking fewer of them.


From: Arsene Friday, January 09, 11:45PM

From: Mandrake Saturday, January 10, 07:23AM

Thanks for looking into it.. one more thing though, do you mean the 2nd roll is based on the target's naked dex/perc or their current dex/perc? (including +stat from eq but excluding AC)

From: Rufus Saturday, January 10, 07:50AM

Their current dex/perc, including bonuses to stats, ignoring bonuses to ac.



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