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Posted by Mandrake on 01/18

It's been discussed so many times with little response from IMM's but would u at least consider reducing xp loss in pkill temporarily? I'm sure it'd lead to a better overall atmosphere in pkill which so often spills over to the rest of the MUD.

Seems to me that xp loss is the cause of wolfpacks and other such unfair tactics which the victims so often go berserk about on chat.. Pkill action is so rare these days as most stay rented usually leaving just a few in the one clan just hanging out for action, when it comes, nobody wants to miss out so you'll soon see it get ugly over chat as the victim is given little chance in a 2 or 3 on 1.

This MUD could be so wild if every 2nd person on were clanned.

Oh another thing, back to the glance command which was suggested a while back.. It could be a very good thing for pkill as the random attacks that go on could at least be a little more fair allowing one to glance before attacking.. In this case it'd preferably not echo to the screen "Somebody looks at you" else it wouldn't get used as it would ruin the surprise.

From: Psytrac Sunday, January 18, 12:33AM

Let's make pkill deaths 0 xp loss/gain.

Let's get rid of loot, and use befriend to RP lootings.

Punish those that keep killing ppl that have 1 hps. (now that we have clea r, pretype excuse is even more lame)

XP loss/gain from pkill and loot only adds power-hungry, ego-seeking behavior in the already loaded-with-ego's LegendMUD.

This way, PK will be for testing skills and system, experimenting with strategies before testing it on a mob, and RP, with loots previously acknowledged via befriend. We could also add a separate INFO config for pkill deaths, so the non-clanned can go about their business.

I know it will rob a lot of ppl of their power-drive and ego-boosts, but we can save them for other things, like tourneys and mobs.

Heck, with such xp loss/gains, we could hold our own tourneys as some trivia/games are held now.

Old and deluded, Psy


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