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Imms never listen to players

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Posted by Solomon on 01/19

"Bandages are too heavy!"

"Dex is over powered!"

"Stun is over powered!"

"My rent listing is too spammy!"

"The MUD crashed after I died and I lost all my equipment!"

"Dex needs a stunning attack!"

"Headbutt needs to be con-based!"

"Stun is STILL over powered!"

"I can't use my magic roots because I made a meal and I'm full!"

"Give fighters a chance to dodge stun!"

Sure. Immortals never listen.

From: Ronnie Saturday, January 17, 09:41PM

Most of this happens on chat too. Or at least a good part. It grates on everyones nerves, and I would think the immortals the most I TRY my best to cut back on whining, really I do

-Ronnie, the eternally braindead

From: Psytrac Sunday, January 18, 12:24AM

"STR needs STUN"

"STR needs second attack skill"


From: Rufus Sunday, January 18, 07:52AM

Never happy are ya?

Actually we've been discussion things that would benefit strength fighters, but I doubt a stunning attack is where it's going to be.

1) str fighters do enough damage without stun

2) if we give every type a 'stun' attack, we're just creating more carbon copies.


From: Ronnie Sunday, January 18, 12:40PM

You can never do enough damage Rufus.

And its hard to do any dmage when someone keeps dodging

-Ronnie, the eternally braindead

From: Haul Sunday, January 18, 01:02PM

the problem with str is, among many, that it doesnt have stun. damage is not the only problem, but receiving damage also figures prominently.

When you stun, you have a chance (depending on length and initiative) of wiping out the enemy's attacks for that round or even more. Also, the only str skill has the nasty fail of 'set-to-sit', which allow us to suffer 33% more damage, as if we were bashed (the skill delay makes it as such). For a con fighter, the result will be the same as if they had failed a headbutt or infuriated an enemy with their warcry, but they have the extra hps to take all that damage.

In dex, chances are you will tumble back up, or not fall at all to begin with--i've only seen one choke that failed, and that was after my wooden went kaput.

Str fighters don't get to dodge or manage to take extra hits from their fails. Either have bash less likely to fail, don't make it set-to-sit, or reduce skill delay when we fail. Or give all our weapons more -ac, or something to at least off-set the damage we receive. We have as many hps as a dex fighter, but are liable to get hit with at least 33% more...

From: Rufus Sunday, January 18, 04:38PM

Sounds like stun is too powerful, then, not that more people need it.

"Careful what you wish for..."


From: Huma Sunday, January 18, 07:44PM

you forgot the "30 mind is to hi a req for expert trainings" Solomon although I think 20 mind is perfectly fine :)

Huma, Dragonbane

From: Solomon Monday, January 19, 08:41AM

Yep, people complained that 30 mind was too high a requirement for expert fighting skills, so it was lowered. Not as far as you might want, but the concerns of the players were considered. Just because every idea a player might suggest isn't implemented doesn't mean that the coders and builders aren't listening at every opportunity. It only means that they don't agree with you.

From: Pegasus Monday, January 19, 10:02PM

"It only means that they don't agree with you" That's fine, just that a response to the idea would be desired if that's the case, and in most cases there is a response. When there's no feedback at all, players start to feel neglected and you end up with a thread like this.



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