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people whining to Immorts

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Posted by Alvis on 01/20

I have noticed that most of the note posted anywhere tend to be complaints to the immorts. Every once in a while there is a little something that do deos congradulate the immorts on what good job they realy do around here, fbut far to musc is negativly aimed at the immorts. Every once in a while an Immort gets fed up with and makes a comment about it. The Immorts post position is easy to understand, I mean if I did a lot of free work and peo people complained, I would wanna do it either. Well to the immorts I say "Good job, thank you for all of the effort and time you have put into this game". I think that we as players to often put our complements in the for form of complaints to the immorts, If this mud was a screwed up as my of us are led to believe, noone would play here. So I am saying thanks and a asking everyone else to say thanks in a more obvious fashion.


From: Ronnie Sunday, January 18, 09:44PM

Agreed. The mud is actually the best ive seen so far. Its a mud where the things that are so great about it, cant help but highlight the occasional fault. The imms do work hard to get the bad stuff out, and have an oft thankless job. I try drastically to stop complainig (i do, really) And stick yo making suggestions.


From: Harun Monday, January 19, 01:38AM

I would wish to applaud Alvis on what he says. This mud is the very best I have ever seen, and the imms are working hard to make it even better, for free remember? Most of what they have done is really great, just look at Solomon's list above!

If they do an occasional misstake, so what? They are human too! And just saying they never listen only shows that you are not following with what happens.

If they do not listen to your particular suggestion at the time you put it forth, it certainly not the same as saying they never listen.

Oh well, enough rambling ;)


From: Derek Monday, January 19, 08:26AM

I agree with all of the aforementioned posts, but one must also look at it from some of the players' point of views. I've only been on this MUD for a month, and I'd have to say besides the (IMO) fallacious death penalties, it's a pretty good MUD. But fixing problems and getting complained at have been the jobs of immortals on every MUD I've ever been on. If the ones here didn't expect at least as many compaints and requests as they get now when they became immorts, the must have not been looking at immortalism very realistically. Sure, the players should not complain and whine as much as they do, but they DO, regardless, and probably aren't going to subside in doing so either. So get used to it, immortals! No offense was meant by this, it just seems to me the way that things are going to be.

- Derek

From: Solomon Monday, January 19, 08:44AM

Personally, I expect complaints and even some whining. As you say, it's part of the job I and the other imms volunteered for. My comments in the post above weren't to slam those people who complain, or even those people who whine -- it was merely to remind people that we DO listen.

From: Nothing Monday, January 19, 08:50AM

I have to agree with Alvis. I've been here a little over 2 years, which to some may seem like a long time, but I'm constantly made feel like a newbie by people who have been here even longer than that. And what has kept these people playing the same, but always changing, mud for that long?

-Nothing to complain about

From: CLeo Tuesday, January 20, 08:01PM

Ok ok, I appologize for my nagging :)

But it's hard not to nag :)

Sometimes anyways.

I personally have seen lots of system changes since I've been on and _no_ I am not the best knowledged old legender to complain about stuff.. but hey :) It's kind of a tiny bit boring to see _some_ of the stuff change over and over... :) -giggles-

I know it's for the muds' own good... so I'll try to to squelch my nagging volume to 0 :) But not easy :)

CLeo of the Circle of Angels


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