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A little Incentive

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Posted by Zak on 01/26

Pkill doesn't seem to be very active on this mud. I think one of the reasons is that people don't play up the rp very much. Another reason is that when a lot of people first clan they encounter wolfpacking/looting/etc which turns them off to pkill in general here. Vengeance (not the PC) is also a problem here. In most RP situations, if someone kills you, both of you aren't supposed to remember it. If however, soemone else is in the room (mebbe from your clan) and they see it, then it is incentive for that clan to get vengeance, but only once! not multing over one stupid fight. Anyway! I'm not talking about what I wanted to. I was thinking an added incentive could be added that would encourage people to pkill and stick to the roleplay of their clans instead of just, oh... you are clanned. lets kill you. Well. I thought that giving each of the clans their own special eq (good eq) would help. It could be based on the RP of the clan and only members from that clan could wear it (others would get zapped if they try). The reason it would encourage the members of that clan to play by the rules would be that if the GM of the clan finds out that they are misbehaving, the GM can kick them out and then they would loose that eq (zap). It would also encourage people to join clans that aren't very popular yet..etc. I think it would help bring pkill back to life in general. I had a bunch of other ideas too, but while writing this message my server crashed and I had to start over. Anyway, will post more if I remember.

Please add thoughts below


From: Alvis Wednesday, January 21, 02:06PM

neat idea:)

From: Ronnie Thursday, January 22, 06:27AM

This is a intresting idea I think It would be both an iniative for clanning and a reason not to unclan as said by zak.


From: Terrizano Friday, January 23, 04:28PM

I think this is quite a good idea. Good incentive for clans to be strong if given an eq bonus, that can be voted on our chosen by GM. Adds an interesting mix to the RP pkill scene. -example- Someone is killed their clan badge taken. Clan seeks its ransom or recovery. I think that it could work. I would like to see if we could follow up on this

Thanks for the time.

Terrizano -- the Dark Mage of Allah

From: Zelon Monday, January 26, 11:09AM

hey, to me it sounds like a great idea! I'd like to see if we could follo up on this as well...letting the item be of some RP value to the clan itse umm..itself...would be a great plus

I'm totally for it.



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