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Posted by Zak on 01/27

hide the skill seems a bit messed up to me. it fails an awful lot. because its kinda annoying to test, i'm not sure about the following statement, but i'll make it anyway and you can yell at me if i'm wrong, It seemed to me that when i was a mage and i cast hide it always hid. with the skill you can fail and not know it. I know its kinda stupid knowing whether you are hidden or not, but maybe if you just got a message like: you couldn't find anywhere good to hide or: you found a good spot and think you are hidden well. would be good it seems to me a person should kinda know if they are hidden well enough or not. It just seems kinda silly how unpredictacle and how often it fails. okay, yell away!


From: Paddy Friday, January 23, 05:39AM

The same seems to apply to sneak skill. There is a message telling you you try, but you actually don't know if you were successfull unless you type stat. Couldn't there be a message teling you if you did succeed?

From: Lagmonster Friday, January 23, 12:28PM

with sneak, at least you can check, and (tho buggy) you don't even come out of sneak unless YOU attack.. if meditate/root don't mind typing other stuff after meditating and stuff, why should hide care, unless you do it in the presence of others?

From: Zak Friday, January 23, 04:15PM

yah that was anothing thing i wanted to mention if you are hiding then you basically can't move. that doesn't mean you can't check your score, status, eq, inventory, can't look around etc. you should be able to do all the above. the only thing you shoudln't be able to do while hiding are skills, socials, and movement (resting, going directions, sitting..etc) without coming out. score and the rest should be able to be done without coming out of hide though. (that way you can check status to see if you are hiding (like with sneak))

From: Bulk Friday, January 23, 05:31PM

which reminds me, shouldnt we classify some commands as being ic commands (things that affect the mud in some way) and ooc commands, such as eq, sc, stat, statement that are purely for the player's sake? Once that is done, it shouldn't be that hard to say, "no, you can't do that while you are hiding."

From: Zak Friday, January 23, 06:07PM


From: Ea! Saturday, January 24, 03:10PM

Okay, a few comments: we'll probably change both sneak and hide so that they give a message saying that you've suceeded. This message will probably be wrong a certain amount of the time (probably based on your perc).

We'd like to make both aim and hide allow for OOC-type commands to be entered without ruining them, but that's not quite as high of a priority as it is a larger job. (To do it right would probably require some sort of distinction between ooc and ic commands, which we don't currently have)


From: Arsene Tuesday, January 27, 08:16AM

For sneak just check status after, If its there you succeeded, I think (sometimes it registers sometiems not) I've never had hide.


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