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This might be old news, but...

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Posted by Stella on 02/06

I think the change so that you can only carry one boat is quite meaningles I fail to see what makes this so important, I mean, it is hopefully up to people themselves if they will carry an entire fleet around.

But it does matter when someone is somewhere without a boat. Noone can bring him or her a boat...


From: Psytrac Saturday, January 31, 12:58PM

yeah, i fail to see the point. Maybe i am wrong but i don't recall seeing a group boat in ancient, for example. It is kinda hard to bring anyone a boat, somebody that is about to drown (i would have drwoned sveral times too, but luckily i can go ooc and spam-fluy)....

From: Ptah Saturday, January 31, 09:44AM

The goal is to eventually make boats seem like boats, and not like "walk on water" devices. :) e know everyone is used to walk-on-water devices, but we think having real boats in the game is cooler, and has more possibilities for future expansion, like say, boarding, ship-to-ship combat, etc. None of which works if you have a galleon on each foot. :)


From: Stella Saturday, January 31, 10:44AM

Agreed on that, Ptah, but one could be able to have a spare canoe, and even if it is not realistic, it is a good help for newbies and others who for some reason lost their boat...


From: Psytrac Saturday, January 31, 11:09AM

maybe add an item (or feature) that can "drag" no-boaters around without having to have a boat? Like those things used on waterskiing or just simply a life-jacket type that one or two ppl could hold on to if they were grouped. Makes it easier to rescue newbies or other unfortunate souls whose boats deserted them, yet is still semi- realistic :P


From: Tad Wednesday, February 04, 05:34PM

Hehe, i guess I should go code this, instead of writing it, but what about making it so even little boats can act like group boats, with perhaps a maximum occupancy of 2 or 3, or for really tiny boats, 1. (ala normal boat

Just a thought


From: Darkanion Friday, February 06, 09:58PM

I was gonna suggest the same Tad. Nice idea.

It seems kinda odd to go for realism in this sense, in a place where you can paddle your way across the atlantic in seconds, in nothing more than a canoe.



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