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a certain cloak

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Posted by Arsene on 02/02

A certain cloak obtained form a certain mobs seems to scrap an awful bunch, I know its part of how it was made fo rit to scrap, but when it scraps 2of 3 tiems on the mob and scraps all the time in fighting

I've lost 3 from perfect to destroyed ina single fight

just two cents....

From: Parsley Sunday, February 01, 10:02PM

Well, actually, the cloak scrapping 2 of 3 times on the mob is completely the fault of the hitters. The cloak is cloth, so of course it scraps when you have str fighters and dex fighters pounding on it for that long. You can get the cloak from him perfectly every time if you make a point to have all of your hitters wielding con weapons :P

As for it scrapping alot when you're wearing it, well, that does kinda suck, but oh well :P I've scrapped like 10 or 12 of em, not counting all the ones i've dt'd with.


From: Vengeance Monday, February 02, 10:19AM

Be happy with what you have. Alot of people could use those, but can't get ahold of em, and you replace yours pretty quick. also, if it's scrapping on you, try a new fighting style, i've had mine for quite awhile & it's never gotten past moderately and i usually tank on mobs. mebbe i'm lucky, mebbe ur just real unlucky =P

oh well, point is, be happy you can even get em, let alone 3 or 4.

-Vengeance Thanatopsis


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