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"stop fighting" command

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Posted by Stella on 02/06

This might have been discussed before, but a command that would be really great, it a "stop fighting" command, so you could stop attacking someone, be it mob or player, in another way than fleeing.


From: Solomon Monday, February 02, 11:16AM

If you're fighting a mob and stop fighting, the mob won't stop fighting just because you do. Ditto for another player. So they'll continue to attack you, and you'll defend yourself, and the combat continues. Anything else would be unfair.

If you want both combatants to stop fighting, use calm.

Someday, you'll have a new 'retreat' skill, like an orderly flee. :)

From: Stella Monday, February 02, 03:58PM

I still think it could be a nice command to have, both against mobs and players alike. Against mobs, it is used for RP reasons. And against players, so that 2 players can end their fight in another way than trying to flee or some other strange and often absurd way.


From: Bulk Monday, February 02, 07:09PM

maybe i'm looking too deep into this, but the only benefit of such command/skill would be that it would make lvlling lowbies much easier.

From: Stella Monday, February 02, 10:29PM

The command would be used for that, of course, but those who level lowbies do that anyway, whether the command is there or not. But my main interest in the command is to end pkill-fights without having to flee. As templars is not allowed to flee from battle, this command would benefit us greatly :)


From: Mandrake Tuesday, February 03, 10:13AM

Actually a "disengage" command is used a lot on another MUD I played.. Basically if you weren't tanking you could use that to memorize spells and stuff. -shrug-

From: Jormundgand Tuesday, February 03, 01:09PM

mmm...is there such a command that lets you turn to attack another mob?

i would wish there was but that would probably ruin some people's strategies.

From: What Tuesday, February 03, 02:39PM

i think a command that stops yourself from fighting is good.

The mob/player can keep on attacking you, but you don't have to fight back All you do is just defend without attack, this would be good for dueling when both players agree to stop fighting at any instance.

my two cents

From: Bodhi Wednesday, February 04, 06:37AM

Could i get a slay command then?

-doesnt see the point in having a stop fighting command other then what we already have-

Calm spell, calm skill, flee, kill :), die :) .. how many options you want

Bodhi Campeador

From: Nothing Wednesday, February 04, 10:56AM

The disengage command is quite useful on that other mud, you can't use it if you're tanking, but otherwise I've used it quite often.

From: Stella Wednesday, February 04, 09:34PM

As I mentioned, Bodi, some of us are not allowed to flee because of our codex :)


From: Nothing Thursday, February 05, 06:27AM

Yeah, Bodhi flees quite well =P

From: Aguilar Friday, February 06, 10:32PM

I suggested an option long ago along similar lines, more like an mercy opt option, that way one could attack and "defeat" mab with out killing it, fo for rp reasons. In pkill it would prevent the victim from dying (an exp loss would not be unreasonable, but smaller than a death) and would show a unique info message Info: Stella shown mercy by Aguilar.

I could get more prestige by doing it, and you would loose prestige, That way people could duel with out chancing a costly death, or people like the Templars who advocate peace, could defeat an opponent with out having to kill them.

Just a thought.



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