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Druids - no longer in demand?

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Posted by Jaret on 02/08

Recently I have seen a trend where people no longer want to group with druids as much as they used to. Sure if there is some huge mob to kill or a SL run going a druid is wanted, but not for normal old XP runs. Often i log on and ask on chat if anyone needs my services and get no replies -shrug- Since I cant fight for myself this can get rather boring :P

I am not really sure what the reason for this is - druids seemed more in demand in the past. Possibly people now prefer surgeons who can also fight, or even spam surgeons. Anyway this is not a complaint, I am just making an observation, and would like to hear other peoples opinions.

Jaret - 100 spi/mind and cant fight to save his life

From: Kildare Thursday, February 05, 08:17AM

Druids don't have to be 100 spi/mind you know, unless they want to be mages as well..

A druid can be 100 spi / 100 some fighting stat and fight very well for himself/herself..

maybe something to consider? :)

From: Tancred Thursday, February 05, 12:29PM

Druids better be 100 spi/ 100 something else, at least if they don't wish to be treated like professional leeches.

-pshrug atittude-

Tancred de Gisborne

From: Dudley Thursday, February 05, 03:14PM

i always look for druids, but it helps if they are already stocked with herbs, instead of having to get them after they offer their services.

From: Grumble Friday, February 06, 02:31AM

its always a nice idea for you to birng a druid the herbs they need when you need their services. Not saying this should always be the case, but its a good thing. And about the fighting/druid thing its really not that fun because you can't kill a whole lot with just one fighting stat and nothing else high that helps at all in fighting. believe me, i made such a character and couldn't kill very tough mobs (this might have changed since new fighting system though so if people have since, then ignore above statement) Anyway, 100spi/mind is in my opinion still most fun druid type to play

From: Stick Friday, February 06, 03:36PM

I have a druid with 100 spir, 80 con, and pretty nice other stats. He manages quite well by himself, since I opted for rather 'low' mind (50) in order to be able to fight. About how druids 'should already be stocked up on herbs', remember it's quite expensive gathering herbs, and as in my case - having 2 full DERT bags - it gets rather renty.


From: Beam Sunday, February 08, 12:20AM

Try being a druid with a bit less spirit. Root is a real nice skill. If you try for 100 dex with high con and you can get by with around 35 spirit, and can remove some dex -spirit eq for root, and borrow eq or gather up a load of spirit eq for an afternoon of 100 spirit poulticiing. Fighting Druid/Mages always had more potential than pure fighters or mages imo.



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